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Feeling Bloated? Here Are 12 Foods That Can Help

Are you prone to constant bloating? It is a sign of indigestion. Include these foods in your diet to improve digestion and reduce incidence of bloating.

Feeling Bloated? Here Are 12 Foods That Can Help

Excessive intake of junk and processed foods can cause bloating


  1. Excess salt consumption can cause bloating
  2. Eating yogurt after your meals can reduce bloating
  3. Chewing fenugreek seeds after your meals can also help

Bloating is referred to as the condition that causes swelling of belly after eating. It is usually caused by the excess gas production or disturbances in movement of muscles in digestive system. Bloating causes pain and discomfort. It can make your stomach look bigger. Lack of physical activity, absence of fibre in food and lack of water intake are some of the top signs of bloating. A change in your eating habits, checking your diet and being regular in terms of exercises are some effective tips that can help you get rid of bloating.

If you diet includes a lot of fried, processed and junk foods, you are likely to feel bloated more frequently. However, there are a few foods that can prevent bloating. Read below to know everything about them.

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12 food items that can help you avoid bloating:

1. Yogurt: Presence of bacteria (like lactobacillus, bifidus and acidophilus) in yogurt helps in digestion and reduction of bloating. Eat yogurt after every meal to reduce bloating.

2. Watermelon: A popular summer fruit, watermelon consists of 92% water. It can help in keeping you hydrated during the hot summer days when your body tends to lose a lot of water. Potassium in watermelon helps in controlling bloating.

3. Turmeric (Haldi): Ayurveda believes in turmeric as one of the best remedies for issues related to digestion. Turmeric stimulates bile production (that helps in better digestion of fats). It also has anti-inflammatory agents that help in reducing inflammation.

4. Spinach (Palak): Popeye's favourite vegetable, spinach, is a great source of insoluble fibres that can keep bloating at bay.


Insoluble fibre in spinach can prevent bloating
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5. Pineapple: This tropical fruit (apart from being Spongebob's home) is 85% water. With an effective digestive enzyme called Bromelain, pineapple helps in keeping the digestive tract clean and smooth, thus preventing bloating.

6. Lemon juice: Lemon juice (in lukewarm water) is a great digestive aid. It stimulates bile from your liver and eases movement of food through the digestive tract. What's more is that lemon juice is a mild laxative. It helps in clearing out intestines and offers relief from bloating

7. Fennel seeds (Saunf): Fennel seeds contain oils that can give a boost to digestion. Chewing few fennels seeds after every meal can reduce incidence of bloating.

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8. Cucumber: Vitamin C rich cucumber can prevent excess water retention and reduce feeling of bloating. You can eat cucumber raw or include it in your salads for effective results.

9. Celery: Celery contains a lot of water. You can include celery in your salads or make a juice out of it. It will help your body flush out toxins and prevent bloating.

10. Banana: Minions love banana and so should you. Potassium in banana neutralises effect of sodium in the body. Too much salt can result in bloating and gas.

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12. Asafoetida (Hing): When you're suffering from bloating, take a pinch of hing powder, mix it well with a glass of warm water and drink it. It may provide immediate relief from pain and reduce bloating.

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