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Benefits For Vitamin C For Your Skin, Hair And Face: Know All About It

Did you know? Vitamin C can prevent wrinkled and dry skin. Know all about the health benefits of vitamin C.

Benefits For Vitamin C For Your Skin, Hair And Face: Know All About It

Benefits of consuming Vitamin C: Vitamin C has antioxidants which protect our body from free radicals


  1. Vitamin C helps in boosting immune system
  2. Vitamin C reduces chances of cardiovascular diseases
  3. Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is considered one of the best and safest nutrients. Along with treating symptoms of cold, it helps in improving immune system, dealing with cardiovascular diseases and even skin related problems. Sufficient levels of Vitamin C are considered to provide many benefits for the skin, hair and face. Vitamin C can be consumed in abundance by eating fruits and vegetables. Those who do not get enough Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables can meet the deficiency by eating Vitamin C supplements. However, these supplements should be consumed in limited quantities.


vitamin c
Fruits and vegetables are good source of Vitamin C

Here is a list of Health benefits of consuming vitamin C  

1. Stress

Studies show that Vitamin C can be helpful for people who have a weak immune system because they take a lot of stress. People who consume excessive alcohol, are obese or are regular smokers are likely to be deficient in Vitamin C.
stressBenefits of Vitamin C: It can help in reducing stress

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2. Cold

Vitamin C can effectively help in preventing symptoms of conditions like cold and flu. Consuming Vitamin C can prevent cold and flu from getting worse and converting into more severe ailments like pneumonia or other infections.


Benefits of Vitamin C: It helps preventing symptoms of cold
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3. Stroke

People who have good amounts of Vitamin C are at lower risk of stroke. People who eat lots of fruits and vegetables have a good amount of Vitamin C in their blood.

4. Skin aging

Consuming Vitamin C or having a good amount of Vitamin C in your body can help in reducing chances of a wrinkled and dry skin. Vitamin C also helps in reducing inflammation, improving muscle degeneration and reducing risks of cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.


soft skin
Benefits of Vitamin C: It can help in reducing chances of wrinkled and dry skin

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Vitamin C's role in the body

Vitamin C is an important nutrient for health of body tissues. Presence of Vitamin C in the body plays some important roles such as absorption of iron, formation of collagen, boosting immune system, effective healing of wounds and maintaining cartilage, teeth and bones.

Vitamin C has antioxidants which protect our body from damage caused by free radicals.

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However, Vitamin C should not be consumed in excessive quantities, that is, more than 2,000 milligrams in a day. This can lead to conditions like diarrhoea or an upset stomach.

It is quite rare to have a deficiency of Vitamin C. Malnourished adults are the ones usually lacking in Vitamin C. Lack of Vitamin C can lead to conditions such as scurvy, which makes the body weak and anaemic.

Sources of Vitamin C

Citrus fruits are a rich source of Vitamin C. Besides, broccoli, potatoes strawberries, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, mango, papaya, watermelon, cauliflower, red peppers, cabbage and pineapples are all rich sources of Vitamin C.

citrus fruits have high quantities of vitamin c

Benefits of Vitamin C: Citrus fruits are rich in it

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