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National Nutrition Week 2018: Reached A Weight Loss Plateau? Don't Worry, Rujuta Diwekar Tells Us 6 Things That Can Break It

National Nutrition Week 2018: As part of her series on National Nutrition Week, Rujuta Diwekar talks about weight loss plateau, metabolic factors which determine weight loss and health, and much more.

National Nutrition Week 2018:  Reached A Weight Loss Plateau? Dont Worry, Rujuta Diwekar Tells Us 6 Things That Can Break It

National Nutrition Week 2018: Lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way


  1. Consider metabolic parameters like sleep and agility for weight loss
  2. Your weight loss regime should be able to cut down your cravings
  3. Women should ensure they get their periods on time

With the National Nutrition Week 2018 in on till September 7, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar is doing her part in spreading awareness about nutrition with the help of social media. After speaking about child nutrition on the first day of National Nutrition Week, she then spoke about the "weight loss plateau" as part of her latest live session on Facebook. In the video, Rujuta talks about the weight loss plateau - which is referred to the phenomenon where the calories you burn are equal to the calories you eat.

The first and the foremost thing which Rujuta clarifies in the video is that your body weight is not the right measure of how fat or healthy or unhealthy you are. Your body weight is the sum total of many things in your body and hence it is not the right measure for your health.


National Nutrition Week: Your body weight is not the measure of how fat or fit you are
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Here are a few things which you must know about weight loss plateau:

1. Body weight is not a measure of fatness and fitness.

2. You need think about your body weight in the way you think about wealth and investments. If you weigh 100 kgs, then you need to adopt sustainable methods which help you knock off 10 kilos in a year. But these 10 kilos should be shed in a way that you are paying for no health care cost in the future. The way we look for tax-free returns while going ahead with investment, the same way we should think about losing weight. Do not lose out on the important lean body weight in your drive to lose body weight. According to Rujuta, you should not be looking at shedding more than 10 to 15% body weight in a year.

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3. To ensure that your weight loss and fitness is sustainable, you should consider metabolic parameters. Instead of standing on the weighing machine, you should stand on your own two feet and see how light/heavy you feel. See if your agility is improving as you are on a fitness regime. Your sleep patterns, the time at which you feel hungry, your bowel movements, reduced incidence of overeating are all metabolic factors which will determine your weight loss and fat loss regime.


Your sleep patterns are an important metabolic factor for your health
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4. Your weight loss regime should be able to cut down your cravings, your reliance on tea and coffee, or a smoke. If it is helping in cutting down your need of stimulants to go through a day, it means that whatever you are doing is right. It means that you are on a sustainable weight loss regime and you should continue with it.

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5. Going on crash diets may help women lose weight. But it may also disturb their menstrual cycle. They miss their periods because of such diets. All women in their reproductive age should make sure that they get their period once every month.


You must include ghee in your daily diet
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6. Three foods which should be a part of your diet in order to ensure that your metabolism is working efficiently are: ghee (helps in assimilation of fat soluble vitamins in the body); peanuts (contains lots of phytonutrients and Vitamin B6, which help in curbing bloating); and banana (great pre-workout foods, helps in optimising muscle fibre recruitment during exercise). 


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