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What Is A Weight Loss Plateau? 6 Simple Tips To Go Past This Phase

Have you been hitting the gym regularly to lose weight, and still failing to lose weight? Maybe you have hit the weight loss plateau. Read full to know more about weight loss plateau.

What Is A Weight Loss Plateau? 6 Simple Tips To Go Past This Phase

Weight loss plateau is a condition where your weight stops reducing after a particular point


  1. Sometimes, weight loss plateau could be an indication of healthy BMI
  2. Cutting calorie intake not beyond 1200 calories is good for health
  3. Outdoor activities can help you lose some more weight easily

You have been hitting the gym regularly, following your diet religiously and successfully managed to lose oodles of weight. But sadly, since the past few days, the progress seems to have come to a standstill. The weighing machine needle seems to have refused to go left any further. If you have been experiencing this for quite some time now, chances are that you have hit the weight loss plateau. Weight loss plateau is a situation which occurs when your weight loss efforts come to a standstill. The surprising thing about a weight loss plateau is that it can happen even if you are continuing your workouts and following the diet plan religiously. For some people, weight loss plateau could be an indication of the fact that you have reached the healthy BMI. But if you still feel that shedding a few more pounds would help you achieve the perfect BMI, you can make use of some simple tips to beat the weight loss plateau.

Here are 6 simple tips which will help you go past the weight loss plateau.

1. Increase the intensity of workouts

Following the same workout regime for a long period of time can make your body resistant to change. Therefore, try different exercises regularly to make sure that your body does not reach the resistance stage and hits the weight loss plateau. Or there is another technique which can prove helpful; increasing the intensity of workouts. Lifting more weights, running on the treadmill for a few more minutes and making other changes can prove helpful.


Following the same workout plan for a long time can help lose weight

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2. Cut down on your calorie intake

When you lose weight, you tend to feel hungrier. So unintentionally, you end up eating more than your ideal calorie intake. This induces weight gain or least, it hampers your weight loss process and this is when you hit the weight loss plateau. Make sure that you do not cut down your calorie intake beyond 1200 calories. This is the least you need to function properly and keep hunger pangs at bay.


Cutting down calories intake can make your body susceptible to lose weight

  3. Think of more activities outside the gym

Gym workouts are not the only way to go about weight loss. Planning some more outdoor activities can prove helpful. For example, a 30 minute morning walk or a session of cycling or playing games like badminton can also help you shed some extra pounds. If you have hit the weight loss plateau, then spending a few more minutes playing games or engaging in outdoor activities can prove helpful.


Engaging yourself in outdoor activities can help in weight loss
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  4. Practice cardio on an empty stomach

Practising cardio right after you wake up, on an empty stomach, can prove helpful for you. It can help you use stored fats as fuel for your body and burn more calories than usual. If your body does not have any source of energy, it will use energy from fats and that is how the fat molecules in your body are metabolized. This will help you beat the weight loss plateau.


Practising cardio empty stomach can help lose body fat

 5. Reassess your habits

If you are not able to lose weight any further, it is time for you to look back at your activities. Have you loosened your rules? Have you started cheating more often? Have you cut down on your workout hours? Research suggests that most people hit the weight loss plateau because they go too loose with their rules.


Going loose on your rules may not help you get rid of weight loss plateau

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6. Take rest 

It is important for you to give your body some rest. During a rigorous workout session, your body goes through a great deal of wear and tear. In order to recover, they need proper rest. When your body is at rest, that is when your muscles become stronger and leaner. It also helps you beat the weight loss plateau.


Resting play an important role in weight loss plateau

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