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Why Sugarcane Juice Is The Ultimate Summer Drink For Weight Loss And Good Health

Weight loss: This summer, keep yourself hydrated with sugarcane juice. It's nutrient content and weight loss aiding properties will make you fall in love with it!

Why Sugarcane Juice Is The Ultimate Summer Drink For Weight Loss And Good Health

Sugarcane juice can boost metabolism and aid quick weight loss


  1. Sugarcane juice is a popular refreshing summer drink
  2. It can keep you hydrated during the sultry summer days
  3. It can make for a great post-workout drink

When we talk about summers, natural summer drinks are a refreshing option to hydrate ourselves, to beat the heat. Summer drinks like bael (wood apple) aam panna, sharbat and sugarcane juice are the top options that we love to relish, for quenching thirst. These summer drinks have natural sugar which gives an instant boost of energy. They are even effective when it comes to weight loss and boosting metabolism. Today, we will talk about sugarcane juice and how consuming one glass of sugarcane juice daily can help you with weight loss during this season.

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One glass (300ml) of sugarcane juice will contain somewhere around 111 calories. You can include it in your weight loss diet as well. Full of healthy proteins and carbohydrates, this refreshing drink is also high in calcium, magnesium and potassium as well. What's more is that this drink is Alia Bhatt's favourite post-workout drink! Here's everything you need to about it.

Sugarcane juice can help in compensating the loss of salt in the body. You can add a pinch of black salt and half tablespoon lemon juice if you wish to add more flavour.

Sugarcane juice contains natural sugar. This helps to fulfill the daily requirement of the body's sugar content, to keep up the glucose levels.

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Apart from this, let us look at the reasons,which makes sugarcane juice, the apt solution for weight loss

1. Zero fat content: This refreshing drink is rich in natural sugar and has got zero fat content. A daily glass of sugarcane juice during summer is an effective way of shedding those extra inches. But make sure that the glass isn't too big!


Sugarcane juice has zero fat content
Photo Credit: iStock

2. Boosts metabolism: Higher levels of energy are involved in good metabolism. A good metabolism is an essential prerequisite for effective weight loss. Sugarcane juice helps to accelerate weight loss by boosting metabolism.

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3. Fibre content: Sugarcane juice also contains dietary fibre. Fibre is an important mineral for weight loss. It is recommended to go for one glass of juice every day during summer, to attain the desired results.

4. Improves digestion: Foods and drinks rich in fibre can improve digestion and prevent constipation. Dietary fibre helps in formation of bulk stools and eases bowel movement.

So, this summer, bank on sugarcane juice as the ultimate refreshing and naturally weight loss inducing drink!

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