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Weight Loss Journey From Flabs To Abs: Inspiring Journey Of A Powerlifter

Weight loss journey: 36-year-old Sandhya not only lost 10 kgs in 3 months, but also succeeded in a powerlifting championship. Her journey from fat to fit will leave you inspired!

Weight Loss Journey From Flabs To Abs: Inspiring Journey Of A Powerlifter

Weight loss journey: Sandhya started her weight loss journey at 82 kgs in June 2017


  1. Sandhya lost 10 kgs in 3 months
  2. She followed a strict diet and exercise regime
  3. She now feels more confident about herself

Hitting the gym or following intense workout is always on our mind, but almost everyone fails to keep up with it. Staying fit needs constant motivation, especially when you are aiming to shed extra kilos. You have to fight the temptations.Then there are days when you are too lazy to follow the routine. Well, if you are looking for something to encourage you to burn the calories, here is story of Sandhya Bangar, a UK-based woman, who achieved the body, she always desired.

Sandhya is 36 years old and started her journey from 82 kg in June 2017. She promised herself to break free from obesity and has now come down to 55 kgs. She lost nearly 10 kgs in 3 months, doing Zumba and following a diet plan.

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When she came to me for the first time, I did her body composition analysis, which reflected that there is a long journey ahead. Together, we worked out on a customised diet and fitness routine based on her preference and ability.

Sandhya was never a gym addict before. In India, when she started gymming, she thrived on endorphins, the happiness hormones that are released after working out. Exercising helped in toning and strengthening of her body. She also felt more energised than ever before and released that she never wanted to go back to being lazy.

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Now that she was back in the UK, she decided to join a gym near her house. We used to do a weekly skype call to discuss her diet, workout, mood, deviations, etc. A detailed conversation with Sandhya helped me understand what can I tweak in her lifestyle every week in order to achieve the goal.


Weight loss journey: Sandhya's journey from fat to fit is inspiring
Photo Credit: iStock

Gradually, she began to push her limits by hiring a personal trainer along with a strictly monitored diet. She broke the glass ceiling when after a year of training and diet, she decided to participate in Scottish power lifting championship in 2019. She was the only Indian women in the championship, and secured 4th position in the competition. Her weightlifting achievements include squats 60 kgs, Bench press 45 kgs, Deadlift 105 kgs.

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To prepare for the competition, she had to train aggressively, and follow a strict diet regime. She was someone who had massive sweet cravings (just like any of us). She was allowed her favourite sweets in the form of healthy recipes.

Today when I ask Sandhya, how she feels, she says "I feel more confident about myself. She is showered with compliments socially. Now she plans even her holidays while keeping in mind her workiout. She chose this lifestyle for her.

Fighting against all cravings and responsibilities, Sandhya today is a rising star and a living example of a happily married woman who can equally focus on work, health and family at the same time. I am full of pride when I speak about her accomplishments as my client.

(Monisha Ashokan is a nutritionist and Zumba instructor at Nourish Me)

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