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Binge Eaten Over Weekend? 5 Delicious Detox Recipes To Your Rescue

Binge-eating over weekend is a common occurrence. But need not worry as we present you some amazing detox recipes that will cleanse your body of all the impurities.

Binge Eaten Over Weekend? 5 Delicious Detox Recipes To Your Rescue

These detox recipes will ward off impurities from your body


  1. Brown fried rice with sauted veggies is a nice detox recipe
  2. Detoxification helps you after binge eating
  3. Regular detoxification of the body is important

Our diet plays an important role in keeping us healthy and fit. Exercises and other activities come on a much secondary level for health and fitness. It is important to eat right and eat at the correct time so as to give your body the fuel and time it needs. Eating healthy regularly is important but sometimes one must also add detox foods in their diet to give their stomach and body some rest. Detox food items cleanse the body of impurities and unhealthy fat. It works magically on the body and churns out excessive oil through urination or bowels. Detox items are mostly water based. A common detox drink is the one made of cucumbers, water, and mint leaves. It is the easiest method of detox, but can only be used as an alternative to water but not as an alternative to food.

So here are 5 delicious detox recipes that can be eaten as a meal:

1. Fried rice with vegetables

Yes, brown rice with vegetables can prove to be a great detox for your body! As opposed to its infamous reputation, brown rice actually is easy to digest and healthy for the body. Brown rice is a whole grain food with fiber which helps in cleansing the body thoroughly. Brown rice is also very rich in vitamin B1, iron, and phosphorus. Adding cauliflower to the meal makes it even more nutritious. Other vegetables that can be added are carrots, celery, red bell pepper, and onions. You may also be recommended to add sesame seeds. You can have this detox meal for lunch or dinner before 8 pm.


Brown rice with veggies can make for a good detox recipe
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2. Brussel sprout salad

Brussel sprouts are rich in vitamin K and vitamin C. They are rich in fiber, copper, and folate. Brussel sprout salad is an excellent meal for detoxifying your body. It reduces inflammation and acidity. The salad is made up of almonds, pomegranate seeds, Brussel sprouts, and honey among other items. This meal overall contains a lot of good fats and vitamins which may not only cleanse your body, but also give you plenty of nutrition. The meal can be eaten for breakfast along with the cucumber detox water or any health drink of your choice.

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3. Milk oatmeal

A bowl of warm milk with oats and fruits is one of the healthiest breakfasts you can take. Milk oatmeal helps in regulating the digestive tract which further leads to detoxification. You can add an apple or banana in the meal. Both these fruits are rich in fiber. Oatmeal is also a rich source of iron. Iron gives your body the strength to go through the day. You can also add honey, cinnamon, and turmeric to your oatmeal.


Oatmeal is a great detox recipe
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4. Beet noodles

Now, this is one extraordinary dish! Beet noodles with herbed cashew cream sauce can make for a delicious lunch or dinner with high nutritional value. Beet helps in detoxification and purification of blood. Beet extracts the toxins from the body through a phytonutrient called betalains. Beet noodles can be really nutritious and tasty when tossed with cashews, avocado oil, parsley, basil, and garlic.


Beet noodles can make for a great detox recipe
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5. Coconut lentil soup

A bowl of coconut lentil soup is not only immensely healthy and nutritious, but is also a great meal for detoxifying your body. Lentils are a rich source of proteins and contain soluble fiber which enables the body to cleanse itself from impurities. They are also rich in folate. Coconuts contain minerals and fibers in abundance. For proper cleansing of the body, one should also add ginger and lemongrass to the recipe. Even though the soup may be slightly high in carbohydrates, it can still detoxify your body efficiently.

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