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#WeekendMotivation: Kareena Does 50 Surya Namaskar In Latest Video: Watch Now

#WeekendMotivation: Kareena Kapoor Khan was seen doing surya namaskar, a very versatile yoga exercise that can aid weight loss and improve flexibility.

#WeekendMotivation: Kareena Does 50 Surya Namaskar In Latest Video: Watch Now

Kareena Kapoor Khan does 50 surya namaskars


  1. Surya namaskar can improve immunity
  2. It is good cardiovascular health
  3. It can strengthen the body and relax the mind

In search of some #WeekendMotivation? Then you have to watch Kareena Kapoor Khan doing 50 surya namaskars in the fast-forwarded video below. Fans have often seen her doing Pilates with celebrity Pilates trainer Namrata Purohit. She has also been spotting working out with Amrita Arora, who seems to be her favourite workout buddy. Now, in one of the recent posts shared on Instagram, Kareena is seen doing surya namaskar, a very popular yoga exercise. From improving flexibility to aiding weight loss, the benefits of doing surya namaskar are plenty. What's more is that surya namaskar is one exercise which you can do daily, anywhere, anytime!

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Kareena does 50 surya namaskar in latest video: here's why you must do it too

Also known as sun salutation, surya namaskar is a sequence of 12 powerful yoga poses. Apart from being a cardiovascular exercise, surya namaskar can have a positive impact on your mind and body.

While the workout can be done anytime and anywhere without the need of any equipment, it can give better results when done in the morning in an empty stomach. The exercise is also seen as an opportunity to express gratitude to the sun for sustaining life on Earth.

In the video below, the caption mentions that Kareena completed 50 rounds surya namaskars by the end of the class. One round of surya namaskar comprises two sets, where each set includes 12 yoga poses.

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The many health benefits of doing surya namaskar include enhancing cognitive function, strengthening the immune system, toning of muscles, improving flexibility, aiding cardiovascular health, promoting weight loss, strengthening the body and relaxing the mind.

Physical and mental health benefits of surya namaskar are convincing enough to include this exercise in daily routine. The exercise is safe for children as well.

According to Rujuta Diwekar (as shared by her on Facebook), surya namaskar has managed to stand the test of time and is the only practice which bridges the gap between strength and calm.

Many of you might be familiar with how surya namaskar aids weight loss flexibility. But did you know that surya namaskar can give you a strong, muscular back, a young and glowing skin, and promote hormonal balance?!

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The exercise works directly on your pituitary and adrenal glands. The exercise works on your metabolism and can also help you have pain-free periods.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a perfect weekend by doing some surya namaskars! Kareena, as we can see, is already on it!

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