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Belly Dance, Pole Dance And Pilates! Secrets Behind Dilbar Girl Nora Fatehi's Toned And Flexible Body, Revealed!

Dilbar girl, Nora Fatehi, is surely the current rage on the internet! She swears by belly dancing, pole dancing and Pilates for her fitness and flexibility. Read below to more about Nora's fitness regime.

Belly Dance, Pole Dance And Pilates! Secrets Behind Dilbar Girl Nora Fatehis Toned And Flexible Body, Revealed!

Nora Fatehi is the current rage on internet because of striking performance in the song Dilbar


  1. Nora Fatehi practices belly dancing quite regularly
  2. Belly dancing helps in building flexibility and toning muscles
  3. Nora also includes Pilates in her fitness regime

The Dilbar girl, aka Nora Fatehi is surely a rage on internet. She has fans all over for her striking moves, perfecting some quirky belly dancing moves we have never seen before. Scroll through her Instagram feed and you would know that Nora is a complete fan of dancing. She posts videos of her dancing and enjoying her rehearsals for various dance performances. This is probably the secret to her fit and toned body. But that's not enough. There is quite a bit that Nora does to maintain her figure. Her fitness regime includes Pilates, and lots of dance forms.


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To begin with, let's take a look at how belly dancing contributes to fitness and flexibility.

As a technique, belly dancing focuses on circular motion and flexibility on the shoulders and hips. It might take a while until you learn belly dancing, but once you're at it, there are many fitness benefits which you can avail.


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For starters, belly dancing helps in toning up of flabby muscles. People who have a poor or bad posture tend to develop flabby muscles over time. These flabby muscles end up becoming unwanted fat. Belly dancing helps in toning of these flabby muscles. It helps in toning up your belly including your abdominal muscles and obliques, and the muscles of lower back, legs and arms.


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Belly dancing is a great form of aerobic exercise. Also, it is a great form of aerobic exercise which results in release of endorphins. It acts as a stress buster and boosts mood.

Also, belly dancing may be a good form of exercise for your bones and joints. It helps in preventing osteoporosis as it requires body weight to be shifted from one leg to the other. It thus works on range of different bones and joints in the process. It is a low impact form of exercise and engages muscles in the spine, pelvis and abdomen.

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The below video shows how ardently Nora wants to master the art of pole dancing. Pole dance is a technique which targets the entire body is also great for the mind and soul. It a great core workout and is also equivalent to effective cardio routine at the gym. It can in fact be an exhausting workout as it involves doing hectic strength moves, in a row, for 3-4 times. Well, now you know the secret behind hot bodies of pole dancers, and more specifically, Nora!

Furthermore, pole dancing helps in toning up of the body and weight loss.

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Moving on, below we see Nora doing Pilates - the favourite workout regime of many Bollywood celebrities in the present times. Here, Nora is seen doing some challenging moves on the reformer which requires great core strength. Pilates is a very effective form of exercise. It helps in building core strength and increases flexibility tremendously. Celebrities like Malaika Arora Khan, Alia Bhatt, Bhumi Pednekar and Deepika Padukone resort to Pilates for their toned and fit body. 

Way to go Nora! We are truly inspired!

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