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The Importance of Phosphorous and Foods you Should Include in your Diet, to get Enough of It

This extremely underrated mineral is incredibly important for you. Here are 6 options to consider to help you meet your phosphorous requirements.

The Importance of Phosphorous and Foods you Should Include in your Diet, to get Enough of It

Chicken and pork are good sources of phosphorus


  1. Beans and lentils of are an excellent source of phosphorous
  2. Excess phosphorous causes bones to weaken
  3. Pumpkin seeds are an ideal source of phosphorous

What you may not know is the importance of phosphorous for your body. It usually doesn't get the recognition it receives, but this mineral is keying the formation of your bones, teeth and the membrane of every single cell in your body. In addition to that, phosphorous governs the usage of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the human body, putting them to work, so that you can extract maximum benefit. If that wasn't enough, kidney function, muscle contractions, normal heartbeat and nerve signalling are all maintained by phosphorous. Finally, it also helps the body make ATP, a molecule used for storing energy. So, you definitely don't want to be deficient on this super mineral.

At the same time, the options mentioned here will also help you not exceed your requirement. Excess phosphorous in the body pulls calcium out of the bones, making them weak. 

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Here are the natural food products you can consume to keep your phosphorous levels as required:

1. Whole grain breads, cereals and grains: It is the whole-grain varieties of breads and cereals that is high in phosphorous. Quinoa, oatmeal, brown rice and whole wheat pasta offer the highest phosphorous to serving ratio among this food group. But, be careful, as the phosphorous is in a storage form called phytin, which the body may not absorb. So, don't rely on this option for all your phosphorous needs.

2. Meats: Pork and chicken are great sources for phosphorous, with roughly 150-200 mg of phosphorus per 75 gm serving. A lean chicken breast, or a lean pork chop (minus the fat) are excellent sources, and the phosphorous are easily absorbable by the body.

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3. Milk and dairy products: Cheese, cottage cheese and low fat milk cottage are particularly excellent sources for the same. In a 250 ml cup of cottage cheese, there is between 291 and 358 mg of phosphorous, the same quantity of milk provides around 250 mg. Cheese on the other hand has 270 mg per 50 g serving.

4. Beans and lentils: Beans of all varieties as well as chickpeas and cooked lentils are as good as meats when it comes to providing you with phosphorous. Per 175 Ml, these products can provide as much as 177-284 mg of phosphorous.

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5. Beverages: Drinks like cranberry juice, grape juice, coffee, tea etc. can provide you with safe levels of phosphorous that will help you maintain your phosphorous levels at a reasonable level, that is good for you.

6. Seeds: Pumpkin seeds without their shell are excellent sources of phosphorous, with only 60 ml of seeds, providing as much as 676 mg of phosphorous. If you eat 60 ml of pumpkin seeds alone, you would meet your phosphorous requirement with ease. Sunflower seeds are beneficial as well, with 380 mg per 60 ml.

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