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7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Oregano

Oregano has always been the herb which gives Italian food its distinct flavour. It is a medicinal herb from the mint family which has the ability to treat a number of health issues. Know the 7 health benefits of oregano.

7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Oregano

Oregano is packed with nutrients and medicinal properties


  1. Oregano is a medicinal herb which treats health issues
  2. It can fight bacteria and reduce inflammation
  3. Oregano is beneficial for bone health as well
Your pepperoni pizza, pasta or risotto can never be complete if it is not topped with a pinch of oregano. Oregano has always been the herb which gives Italian food its distinct flavour. Despite being free of too many spices, this herb is the one which completes Italian food. Oregano is a medicinal herb from the mint family which has the ability to treat a number of health issues. Yes, besides being blessed with a pleasant fragrance and a mouthwatering flavour, this herb is blessed with a wide variety of health benefits. Fresh or dried or in the form of oil, oregano packs some very important nutrients which can fight bacteria and reduce inflammation. One teaspoon of this herb can make up for 8% of your daily vitamin K requirement.
pizza hebs

Oregano that is usually put on pizza has immense health benefits

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Here's a list of 7 surprising health benefits of oregano you never knew about:

1. Reduces infections

The antibacterial properties of oregano help you fight infections effectively. The antioxidants in this herb protect your body from viral infections affecting your skin, gut and other body parts. Besides this, oregano is a stimulant. This helps it produce more white blood cells which allow quick recovery from illnesses.

2. Aids digestion

No wonder Italian food does not give you digestive distress unless, of course, you are lactose intolerant or have any food allergies! Despite its small size, oregano is a good source of fibre. This increases the bulk of your stools and keeps your bowel movements in check. Proper movement of food in your body is what you need to keep your digestive system in the pink of health.


Oregano is a medicinal herb that can cure indigestion

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3. Improves bone health

Surprisingly, oregano plays an important role in boosting your bone health. When you start ageing, your bones start to deteriorate. Some of the most important nutrients for your bones are iron, manganese and calcium; and guess what, oregano has them in abundance. Therefore, if you are trying to protect yourself from osteoporosis later in life, add another pinch of oregano to your food.


Oregano is good for people with osteoporosis
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4. Treatment for common cold

Oxidative stress due to free radicals is what contributes to viral infections. It leads to the accumulation of toxins in your body and increases your risk of common cold. The antioxidants of oregano can be of some help here. All you need to do is add a few drops of oregano oil to a glass of water or juice and drink it three times a day for five days in a row. It will help you reduce the symptoms of common cold.

5. Provides relief from menstrual cramps

For some women, menstrual cramps can be worse than the worst nightmare. You are likely to experience cramps in your legs, arms, back, thighs and stomach. Oregano to your rescue ladies! Due to its pain-relieving properties, oregano can help you with menstrual cramps as well. All you need to do is chew some oregano leaves every time pain strikes you. Besides regulating menstrual cramps, oregano can help you get through menopausal symptoms as well. Some studies also say that oregano can prevent the early onset of menopause.

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6. Body detox

Enriched with healthy compounds such as calcium, fibre, vitamin K, iron and manganese, oregano can help you detoxify your body as well. Studies show that oregano speeds up liver function and allows proper elimination of toxins from your body.

7. Benefits heart health

A rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, oregano has the ability to improve heart health as well. This herb helps you keep your cholesterol levels in check, reduces inflammation and cuts your risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Oregano helps in keeping cholestrol levels in check
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