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7 Lesser Known Side Effects of Energy Drinks

There are numerous energy drinks claiming to boost your focus, endurance and efficiency. But, here's how they are actually harming your health instead.

7 Lesser Known Side Effects of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are high on sugar and caffeine which can cause serious health problems


  1. Energy drinks can cause high blood pressure and palpitations
  2. They may induce insomnia and lead to shaking
  3. Regular use leads to calcium deficiency and tooth decay

Professional sportspersons around the world are often seen sipping on blue, green or yellow liquids on the sidelines. Every opportunity to stay hydrated, the colourful water comes to the rescue. These drinks are popularly known as energy drinks. Most energy drinks hold between 10-13 gms of sugar per 100 gms. In addition to that, there is about 32-34 gms of caffeine per 100 gms. These substances do not make for a healthy way to quench your thirst, and can harm you in more ways than you can imagine.

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Here are 7 ways in which energy drinks can negatively impacting your health:

1. Palpitations and high blood pressure: While too much sugar causes weight gain and a long term rise in blood pressure, caffeine creates short intervals of abnormally high blood pressure. When teamed up, this can cause serious blood pressure concerns. High blood pressure also acts as a catalyst for palpitations, anxiety and temper.

2. Diabetes and abnormal blood sugar levels: Due to the abnormally high sugar levels in these drinks, there is a high possibility of a blood sugar imbalance. Regular consumption of energy drinks is likely to cause insulin resistance, which increases the possibility of type 2 diabetes.

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3. Insomnia: Caffeine often encroaches on your sleep. If you have a heavy dose in the latter half of the day, its likely, that you will not be able to fall asleep easily. Heavy doses of caffeine over a long period of time can cause sleep deprivation and nervousness, ultimately resulting in insomnia. A study conducted by the US military suggests that having three energy drinks a day leads to a deprived sleep routine of four hours or less on average.


Energy drinks may cause insomnia
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4. Stomach irritation: Excessive sugar in these carbonated drinks, may cause stomach irritation, aches and flatulence. Caffeine in energy drinks may cause serious gastritis, which may cause symptoms such as inflammation, pain, ulcers and bleeding in the stomach and intestines. If not controlled, this can even lead to heartburn and irritation in the stomach lining.

5. Muscle twitches and shaking: High blood pressure and palpitations, often cause anxiety which will usually be accompanied by twitching in your muscles and constant shaking of limbs.

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6. Increased possibility of cardiac arrest: The combined high doses of caffeine and taurine (an amino sulfonic acid present in energy drinks) is a dangerous combination that can lead to heart problems and increases the possibility of a cardiac arrest.

7. Calcium deficiency and dental problems: Caffeinated beverages are reported to be associated with reduced bone mass, and loss in calcium reservoirs. This increases the risk of fractures, and bone injuries. Simultaneously, excessive sugar build-up in the mouth causes the mouth to produce acids that dissolves enamel of your teeth. Drinking these beverages can lead to serious levels of tooth decay.

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