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Revealed! Jacqueline Fernandez's Lesser-Known Beauty And Skincare Secrets

Shout out to all Jacqueline Fernandez's fans! Here some lesser-known beauty secrets of the Judwaa 2 actress.

Revealed! Jacqueline Fernandezs Lesser-Known Beauty And Skincare Secrets

The secret behind Jacqueline Fernandez's glowing skin is drinking lots of water


  1. Jacqueline Fernandez applies Vitamin C serum on her skin
  2. She deals with acne by avoiding sugar
  3. She says that open pores can be dealt by icing the skin

Who all wants to know some of the basic and very essential beauty secrets of Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez?! It was just last evening that Jacqueline took to Instagram to share some of her beauty secrets and night time beauty routine. Her story thread on Instagram began with her removing makeup, while also asking her followers if they too hate removing like she does? But, what's interesting is that she revealed some of her go-to natural options for maintaining her skin, and you are going to love them all.

Jacqueline Fernandez's personal skincare routine

An inevitable part of being in the glamorous world of Bollywood is numerous events, brand endorsements, social work and movies; which directly infers lots and lots of make-up and hair dos. This makes it imperative to give both your skin and hair a breather, and go for a detox.

So what is that Jacqueline does for a skin detox?

Well, in her own words, "So far a green juice in the morning!" She adds celery, turmeric, apple cider vinegar and other amazing ingredients to her morning detox drink and says that it works for the "best clear skin." She suggests that you should find what works for your skin type the best and stick to the habit drinking of a green juice in the morning.

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Reason behind her long-lasting, beautiful skin

Jacqueline's mantra for a glowing skin seems to be pretty basic. "Aim to drink a lot of water," she writes in her (Insta) story. She recommends drinking 1 litre water when you wake up, 1 litre before lunch and 1 litre water after lunch for a clear, glowing skin. At night, you can have some herbal tea.


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Does she suffer from acne?

It might come off as a surprise but yes!"I still suffer from adult acne!! (sic)" writes Jacqueline. And the reason for this, according to Jacqueline, is probably because of "indulging too much in sugar." She says that it is in fact really bad as she is in a profession which requires to be photographed all the time. "So I do my best to keep it in its limits," she adds. lists sugar and refined carbs in its list of top 7 foods that can cause acne. Refined carbs absorb in the bloodstream quite quickly, and result in rapid increase in blood sugar levels. High blood sugar results in an increase in insulin levels, and this can be a cause of acne.

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What serum does Jacqueline use for her skin?

Refraining from naming any specific beauty product, Jacqueline continues to keep it basic and writes that Vitamin C is the best thing to use for a glowing skin. Vitamin C has proved to be beneficial in preventing wrinkles and ageing of skin. People with dry skin can also benefit by applying products enriched with Vitamin C on their skin.

How does she deal with open pores?

Accepting that she has open pores and "hates them", Jacqueline says that "icing the skin and splashing cold water" can be helpful. However, investing in a pore refiner cream can make the pores look smaller, she suggests,

What does she do avoid dark circles?

Exercising (especially yoga as it helps in increasing blood circulation), lots of water intake and good quality sleep can together help in preventing dark circles according to the actress.


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How does she deal with skin ageing?

Continuing with her positive approach, Jacqueline writes, "Ageing is beautiful. Let's embrace it. Especially cute laugh wrinkles around eyes. It means that you have lived well." However one very important tip to maintain skin quality is investing in a good sunscreen. Jacqueline labels it as "best investment!"

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And what about the very irritating, never-ending pimples?

Guess what, the Judwaa 2 actress, just like you, hates pimples! In fact, it was just last month that she had as many as five pimples on her face. In such situations, she believes in going all alkaline to restore skin balance. "I find it helps me," she says. You need to load up on green veggies and juices. "Celery juice and apple cider vinegar come to my rescue every time," Jacqueline reveals. Completely go off sugar. You can opt for healthier alternatives like honey and dates. All these tricks can help in getting rid of pimples effectively.

Now you know that Jacqueline Fernandez too faces a lot of skin problems and deals with them in the most natural ways possible. A healthy diet, some greens and lots of water can be your ultimate mantra for a healthy, glowing skin.

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(All of the aforementioned inputs were shared by Jacqueline Fernandez on her verified Instagram account)

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