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Which Is The Best Diet For You? Health Coach Luke Coutinho Has The Answer

The best diet for you: According to health coach Luke Coutinho, your health is dependent on your nutrition intake, level of physical activity, how fast you recover, sleep quality and quantity, and mental and emotional state.

Which Is The Best Diet For You? Health Coach Luke Coutinho Has The Answer

Luke Coutinho tells what is the diet plan for weight loss and health gain


  1. Every human being is different and responds to diet plan differently
  2. You need to change your mindset in case you want to lose weight: Luke
  3. Diet which suits your body type and lifestyle is the best diet for you

What is the best diet for good health - this is a question many people ask nutritionists and dietitians. The best diet for getting rid of hypothyroidism, or the best diet if you have cancer... Health coach Luke Coutinho says that it is important to understand that every human being is different. And hence, the "best diet" for every individual is going to be different and unique. The same food plan is not going to be helpful for a second person with the same health problem - he emphasizes on his latest Facebook live. Following a diet like keto, simply because it is showing effective results on other people, doesn't mean that it will show the same results on you as well. So, in order to tell people what really is the best diet for every individual, Luke talks about the best diet for losing weight and gaining health. Read below to know all about it.

Change your mindset

According to Luke, good health, weight loss and healing or reversing of a certain disease happens when you change your mindset. It is important to understand that you react and respond to diseases and their treatments in a way which is unique to you alone. Your health is dependent on your nutrition intake, level of physical activity, how fast you recover, sleep quality and quantity, and mental and emotional state. All these factors are different in everyone and this is the reason why no two people are going to respond to a keto or low-carb diet in the same way.


Every person responds differently to a particular diet plan
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Chose the diet that suits your body type, lifestyle

The best diet that can help you lose weight, gain health and take care of your medical problem is the diet that suits your body type and your lifestyle.

A person's hunger, appetite and cravings are all connected with the amount of stress and physical activity you have in your daily life. People who have more physical activity in their daily lives need more energy and vice versa. The three aforementioned factors are also dependent on the amount of sleep you get. Sleeping less for a day increases your cravings the next day.

Amount of physical activity

In case you trained really hard in the gym today, your nutrition has to be in accordance with it. You may need more carbohydrate, protein, fat, sleep and more recovery time on the day you exercised more rigorously. Your diet plans need to change as per your physical progress.


The amount of physical activity in your life determines your health and pace of weight loss
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Understand your body

At the end of the day, it is only you who can bring a change in your health. And for this, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of your body. Experts can guide you towards what will help you lose weight, burn fat or give a boost to your metabolic rate. But you have to make a choice in order to see what works the best for you.

You metabolism plays a huge role in terms of determining which particular diet you can or cannot follow. Some people need carbs in order to get their metabolism function properly.

Depriving yourself can lead to dangerous consequences

Luke mentions that many cancer patients who consulted him were found to be following the keto diet for 2 or more years. This is not to infer that keto diet causes cancer. The idea is to highlight that living in starvation, denial and depressed state because of not being able to eat food that you are fond of, is capable of causing diseases as deadly as cancer. Constantly following one particular diet for too long is not going to help you achieve your health goals.

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Give in to your cravings, but balance it out with eating clean

There are people who have potato chips or French fries or carbonated drinks as their weaknesses. There are people who clearly mention that they cannot do without unhealthy foods and drinks like these. But they do work on cutting down on any other unhealthy foods or sources of sugar. They include more exercise in their routine and change 90% of their lifestyle in a way that it can compensate for the cravings.

Giving in to cravings is fine, as far are as you are making other compensatory lifestyle changes and doing it without guilt. Your mind controls the outcome of your digestive system works.


It is okay to give in to your cravings, as far as you are balancing it out with eating clean
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What is the best diet for good health and weight loss?

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The best diet, according to Luke, is definitely the one which suits you. Find out works for you, as no piece of paper can determine what your health is going to be like. Your physical and mental health is going to change from time to time. You need to go with the flow and understand mindfully how your body reacts to foods.


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