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These Are By Far The Best Ways To Improve Your Sleep Quality

A good night's sleep is as important for your health as regular exercise and a healthy diet. Here are the best ways to improve your sleep quality.

These Are By Far The Best Ways To Improve Your Sleep Quality

Sleep quality can be maintained by improving your bedroom environment


  1. Irregular or long naps during the day can affect sleep quality
  2. Avoid drinking alcohol before bed time for sleeping well
  3. Sleep disorders can be the reason why you have disturbed sleep

Did you know? A good night's sleep is as important for your health as regular exercise and a healthy diet. People who don't sleep properly are known to have poor exercise performance and brain function. It negatively impacts your hormones and can also lead to weight gain in adults and children. A recent study also concluded that children and teenagers who did not get enough amount of sleep are at higher risk of developing obesity. In contrast, people who sleep well have been found to eat less, exercise better and be healthier.

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Enhance your bedroom environment in order to have a good night's sleep
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Here are the best ways to improve your sleep:

1. Increase exposure to bright light during the day

The time-keeping clock of the body, known as circadian rhythm, helps in staying awake and tells the body when it is time to sleep. Exposure to natural sunlight during the day helps in keeping your circadian rhythm healthy. A healthy circadian rhythm improves daytime energy, and sleep quality and duration during the night. People suffering from insomnia can benefit from being exposed to bright light. Sleep quality can be improved by either being exposed to natural sunlight or investing in artificial bright lights or bulbs.

2. Improve your bedroom environment

The environment in your bedroom plays an important role in determining your quality of sleep. The temperature of your room, choice of furniture, noise and external lights can all affect your sleep quality. To get a good quality of sleep, it is important that you minimise external noise and lights. Make sure that your bedroom is the most quiet and relaxing place.

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3. Avoid irregular or long naps during the day

Long and irregular naps during the day can affect your sleep at night. Though, taking short-duration power naps can be helpful. Sleeping during the day results in confusing your body clock and makes you struggle to sleep at night. However, this may not stand true for everyone. Taking long or irregular naps during the day might not affect everyone in the same way.

4. Avoid consuming caffeine late in the day

While caffeine improves energy, focus and sports performance, consuming it late in the day can have a negative impact on your body. Consuming caffeine late in the day can stimulate your nervous system and prevent natural relaxation of the body at night. Thus, avoid caffeine later in the day, say after 3 or 4 pm, in order to have a good night's sleep.

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Avoid caffeine later in the day for improving sleep quality

5. Avoid exposure to blue light during night

The light emitted from electronic devices is known as blue light. Exposure to blue light during the night can negatively impact or circadian rhythm and trick your brain to thinking that it's still day time. This reduces production of melatonin hormone, which helps you relax and get deep sleep. You can avoid exposure to blue light by wearing glasses that block light or download apps that block blue light on your phones. Also, do not watch TV 2 hours before going to sleep at night.

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6. Try sleeping and waking up at the same time

The body's circadian rhythm aligns itself on a set loop of sunrise and sunset. People having troubles with sleep should try to sleep and wake up at consistent times in order to improve sleep quality in the long-term.

7. Avoid alcohol

Drinking alcohol at night before going to sleep can negatively impact your sleep quality. Drinking alcohol during bed time can reduce melatonin production and cause disturbed patterns of sleep.


Drinking alcohol before bed time can disturb sleep
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8. Avoid eating late in the evening

Late-night eating can have an adverse impact on your sleep quality and the release of growth hormone and melatonin. Try keeping a gap of at least 2 hours between your last meal and bed time.

9. Do not drink liquids before bed time

Drinking liquids before bed time can cause excessive urination during night, thus affecting your sleep quality and energy during the day time. Keep yourself properly hydrated but reduce your fluid intake in late evening or 2 hours before bed time. Also, in order to avoid urination during night, do use the bathroom before going to sleep at night.

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10. Check for a sleep disorder

There are chances that your disturbed sleep might be because of an underlying health condition. Sleep apnea, circadian rhythm or sleep walking disorders and sleep movement disorders can all be the reasons behind your disturbed sleep.

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Check for a sleep disorder in case you are experiencing trouble while sleeping

11. Exercise regularly, but avoid exercising before bed time

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It has been scientifically proved that exercising regularly can help you have a good night's sleep. However, you should avoid exercising before bed time as it can cause problems in falling asleep. Since exercising increases alertness, they can impact your sleep negatively.

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