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If It's Easy, It's Not Worth It: Decoding Preity Zinta's Fitness Secrets

Preity Zinta is now seen as a fitness inspiration too. The actor shares glimpses of her workouts on Instagram regularly. Take a look.

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Preity Zinta includes a variety of workouts in her fitness regime


  1. Preity Zinta practices yoga regularly
  2. She is often seen practicing lunges and squats
  3. Preity Zinta sticks to six to seven small meals in a day

Preity Zinta; the name is synonymous with beauty, charm and brilliant acting skills in the B-town. But the actress successfully manages to add a new adjective to her name; Preity Zinta is now seen as a fitness inspiration too! The actress continues to share the secret to her fitness through Instagram videos and we are so in awe of her. The actress is currently enjoying a trip to LA with her husband Gene Goodenough, but trips, cheat days and even her favourite foods never come in her way to fitness. And all this is credited to her deep dedication towards workouts and of course, diet control.

Preity Zinta's workout regime

Even the world's best fitness instructor cannot get you to come in shape if you are not determined towards that goal. Well, in case of Preity Zinta, the one thing which is quite constant is her dedication towards fitness. Come what may, the actress never lets it interfere with her workouts. The Soldier actress is seen working out with kettlebells, battleropes, hamstrings and dumbbells. Preity Zinta swears by the benefits of planks, squats, lunges, jumping jacks and other stretching exercises. No wonder she has those excellent curves!

Besides this, Preity Zinta also practices yoga regularly to keep her body in shape and her concentration levels in check. Adventure sports, too, are a part of her fitness regime. And let's not forget the dancing skills of the Piya Piya girl! That too, is a part of Preity Zinta's fitness regime.

A rigorous workout routine like Preity Zinta's needs a great deal of dedication and of course, ample rest. Seven to nine hours of sleep is a must for Preity and that's what she recommends to her fans as well.

Preity Zinta's diet plan

To begin with, let's get this clear that the dimpled queen is not a fan of crash diets. Preity Zinta sticks to a healthy diet consisting of fruit juices, green leafy vegetables and often talks about her love for carrots. Gajar ka halwa is our diva's favourite dessert. She sticks to six to seven small meals in a day and drinks lots of water. This helps her lose weight and stay fit. Besides this, the actress is often seen enjoying burgers and her favourite aloo paranthas on cheat days. But none of these interrupt her fitness regime.


Perfect Sunday breakfast #Alooparantha&dahi #yummy

A post shared by Preity G Zinta (@realpz) on

Well, we wonder when Preity Zinta will stop giving us reasons to admire her! 


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