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4 Reasons Why A Cheat Meal Is Important For You

Cheat meals are also important. Click here to know why.

4 Reasons Why A Cheat Meal Is Important For You

Don't be shy, enjoy your cheat meals!


  1. Cheat meals are a break meal for people who are on a strict diet routine
  2. Due to the change in calorie intake, cheat diets elevates the metabolism
  3. Cheat meals improve muscle synthesis

Cheat meals are a sigh of relief for people who are on a strict diet routine. These meals do not have an adverse impact on your fitness goals if taken in regulated quantities. Not only do they provide you with a break from the extremely strict diet routine, they also give your body metabolism a boost for the coming week of deprivation. These deprivations can make your taste buds long for some more of your favorite unhealthy treats but, nevertheless, they are going to do no harm to your workout progress. And this result is backed by research!

Research shows that cheating on your meals energizes you from within and also aids weight loss. Here's why you should take cheat meals once a week:

1. It boosts your metabolism

Due to the change in calorie intake, cheat diets elevate the metabolism. The set metabolism of the body is reset.

2. The feel-good factor

Admit it, food makes you happy. Where most people would be relishing your favorite unhealthy foods in front of you, the taste that you will be enjoying at the end of the week, on your cheat day will be so much better. So yes, sit back and be patient, your cheat day will come soon.

3. It releases insulin

Usually, your body would say no to easy digestion of fatty foods and saturated fats. But on your cheat day, that does not happen. Digestion is improved on these days due to the increase in insulin levels.

4. Enhances muscle formation

Cheat meals improve muscle synthesis. When your body extracts energy from the cheat meal and uses that. It does not take energy from the fat stored in your body. As a result, muscle formation is improved.

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Have your cheat meal without any guilt, be it a bowl of hot chocolate, a brownie or a cheese burst pizza, just take it. Nevertheless, rest of the week is all about shedding those extra kilos 


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