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Mangoes - When To Eat, How Much And More About Mangoes And Health

Mangoes health benefits: Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar clarifies all doubts about mangoes, if they are safe for diabetics, if they cause weight gain, and much more...

Mangoes - When To Eat, How Much And More About Mangoes And Health

Everyone can have mangoes until the end of the season


  1. Mangoes can be included in weight loss regime
  2. Mangoes have the ability to control the blood sugar levels in the body
  3. It is perfectly safe for diabetics to have mangoes
Come summer and people cannot stop drooling over mangoes! They are definitely one of the best parts of summer. But certain health concerns come in the way of enjoying the king of fruits. People have numerous apprehensions about mangoes because of the calorie content in them. A big concern is whether mangoes are safe for diabetics or not? But need not worry as celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar went live on Facebook to clear all our doubts about mangoes this season. She begins the video by saying that everyone can have mangoes and enjoy the benefits of mangoes until the time the fruit is in season. She stresses on the importance that categorising food on the basis of culture, crop cycle and climate, instead of carbs, protein, fats, etc. With respect to culture, crop and cycle, mangoes are still in season and hence people can eat mangoes, guilt-free!

Mangoes are one of the best parts of summer season

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What is the best time to eat mangoes?

Many people who are on the weight loss regime, or are suffering through chronic conditions like diabetes, wonder about what is the best time to eat mangoes. Rujuta believes that a mango is versatile and you can eat it for breakfast, as a mid-meal, for lunch or as a main meal. It is completely dependent on how you love your mangoes!

How mangoes can you eat in a day?

It depends on how many you can digest. You can eat as many mangoes as you want, but only on the condition that you eat them with love. Eat mangoes while making sure that you shut all the noises from your phone, TV, traffic or any ongoing argument. It should be just you and the mango.

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What about the calories and sugar in mangoes?

We have turned into a generation which is okay with calories coming from digestive biscuits, but not with the calories in natural fruits which are coming from the farm. We must always remember that mangoes give us much more than calories and sugar. Sugar in mango is a natural form of mango. And along with the sugar, you are also getting other essential nutrients in mangoes, like Vitamin C, fibre, Vitamin B and other therapeutic compounds which are very healthy for the body. Benefits of mangoes also include stabilising blood sugar levels. We have to learn the value the diverse variety of mangoes that we have in India, stresses Rujuta. 


Mangoes are rich in vitamin C and vitamin B

Can diabetics eat mangoes?

Rujuta seems very affirmative about mangoes being safe for diabetics. She mentions that the biggest diabetic societies in the world say that we should eat local fruits, including mangoes. In Cuba, it is through mangoes that anti-diabetic drugs are created. Mangiferin is a therapeutic compound in mango. This compound works on the same nuclear receptor protein on which anti-diabetic drugs work. For people with diabetes, Rujuta suggests that you should enjoy the mango all the way through its skin so as to derive maximum benefits from this wonder fruit. It will help in reducing your insulin resistance and improve your insulin sensitivity.


Diabetics can also enjoy the season of mangoes

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Can pregnant women eat mangoes?

It is totally dependent on what the family tradition has been when it comes to eating mangoes during pregnancy.

Can aamras be given to kids?

Aamras must be given to kids. Alongside, kids should also be taught how to prepare aamras. Get your children involved in food to divert their attention to natural and nutrient-rich food at home.


Children can be taught how to make aamras
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Why must mangoes be soaked before eating?

Mangoes contain a natural molecule known as phytic acid, which is also present in many nuts. Soak mangoes in water for at least half an hour. This makes the excess phytic acid leave the mango. Even though phytic acid naturally exists, it is an anti-nutrient which interferes in the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

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