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10 Awesome Health Benefits Of Mangoes

Mangoes are both delicious and healthy, click here to know the 10 best health benefits of mangoes.

10 Awesome Health Benefits Of Mangoes

Health benefits of mangoes: Mangoes are both delicious and healthy


  1. Mangoes play an important role in treating indigestion and acidity
  2. High iron content of mangoes can be helpful in treating anemia
  3. Mangoes promote weight gain

Mango season is here! It is probably one of the major reasons why people look forward to the summer season. The king of fruits is back and we just can't wait to drool over this delicious treat. The best part about mangoes is the fact that they are both delicious and healthy, which again is not easy to find. Yes, this delicious treat is your serving of both flavor and health benefits on the same platter. So this summer, prepare yourself to relish it, and of course, make the most of its health benefits of mangoes.

So let's cut to the chase and take a look at the top 10 health benefits of mangoes.

1. Lowers cholesterol

Regular consumption of mangoes is known to lower the LDL or bad cholesterol levels. They are rich in pectin, vitamin C and fiber which effectively lower serum cholesterol levels.

2. Promotes weight gain

For all those people who are looking for ways to gain weight, mangoes are a must. A 150 gram serving of mango contains 86 calories which can be easily digested by the body. The starch content in this fruit effectively transforms into sugar and adds on to your body as weight. You can prepare a delicious milkshake with mangoes, it will help in inducing quick weight gain.

weight gain

Health benefits of mangoes: Mangoes promote weight gain 
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3. Aids digestion

Mangoes play an important role in treating indigestion and acidity. They contain digestive enzymes which promote effective and natural digestion. Its bioactive compounds enhance appetite and improve the digestive system's function.

4. Curing anemia

Anemia takes place due to an iron deficiency. Patients suffering from this condition can treat it by consuming more mangoes. High iron content of mangoes can be helpful in treating anemia. Regular and moderate intake of this fruit can effectively treat this condition.

​Health benefits of mangoes: Mangoes cure anemia 
Photo Credit: iStock

5. Benefits during pregnancy

Mums-to-be, here's another good reason for you to feast on more mangoes. During pregnancy, women need more iron. This is when doctors prescribe iron supplements. But why should you stick to such minerals when you can fulfill the same requirement in a natural way. Yes, that requirement can be fulfilled with increased consumption of mangoes.

6. Cures acne

Surprised, aren't you? Well, mangoes are closely related to skincare as well. They bring a bright glow on your face and cure acne as well. Regular consumption of this delicious treat can help you enhance your beauty. You can eat them and apply them on your skin to get maximum benefits.

acne men

Health benefits of mangoes: Mangoes can cure acne
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7. Slows down aging

Mangoes are rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. They produce collages proteins in the body which protect the blood vessels and connective tissues. This way they slow down the aging process, which is why mangoes are also known as the anti-aging fruit.

8. Boosts body immunity

Mangoes are rich in beta-carotene. This essential nutrient enhances body immunity and keeps it safe from toxins and bacteria. When beta-carotene levels exceed, they turn into vitamin A which keeps your body safe from damage due to free radicals, thereby enhancing immunity.

9. Improved sex

Mangoes are rich in vitamin E. Sex and vitamin E has a strong correlation. Recent studies show that increased consumption of vitamin E can enhance your sex life.

​Health benefits of mangoes: Mangoes can improve sex life
Photo Credit: iStock

10. Heat stroke remedy

Prepare the juice of green mango and mix it with water and a sweetener. This drink will help cool down your body and prevent it from damage. This one is a powerful remedy for a heat stroke.

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