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International Yoga Day 2019: 8 Yoga Asanas To Relieve Body Pain

Yoga Day: Try these yoga poses to get rid of body pain naturally. This Yoga Day, make sure you include yoga in your routine to find relief from pain and food overall health.

International Yoga Day 2019: 8 Yoga Asanas To Relieve Body Pain

Yoga Day 2019: Try the supine twist to treat your lower back pains


  1. Even inflammation is treatable through poses like the child's pose
  2. Treat your headache through complete relaxation by doing the shavasana
  3. Do the warrior, bow or triangular pose for knee pains

International Yoga Day: Yoga is different from all other routines for a simple reason. If you feel pain, you're usually advised to rest. Not with yoga though. Wherever it hurts, do some asanas for that particular area, and you should be up and running in no time. Yoga has truly got countless benefits, its an extremely holistic workout for the human body, as it has a profound impact on the mind and body alike. Very few workouts can claim to be as effective as yoga. When it comes to body pain, it can strike anywhere and at anytime. This Yoga Day, we are going to talk about yoga asanas that can offer relief from body pain.

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International Yoga Day: Yoga poses that can offer relief from body pain

1. Bow pose: This pose does a great job in working on pain in the joints, back and even prevents menstrual cramps. All you have to do it lie down on your front, reach back and pull your legs with your hand, lifting both upper and lower body, with support from the abdomen. Try holding this position, as it works its magic.

2. Yoga poses for inflammation: While inflammation is an extremely important process in the healing mechanism of the body, it can be incredibly painful and irritating. Getting rid of it requires workouts that hit the depths of the body. So, poses like the child's pose and reclining round angle pose work. The child pose is when you sit on your knees, then let your body rest forward, getting as close to the ground as possible. The other one is when you elevate your mid and upper back on a comfortable and firm pillow, while making a butterfly pose with your knees, as they rest on elevation on either side, with the feet soles touching.


Yoga Day: Child pose can reduce inflammation in the body, which is one of the top cause of body pain
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3. Triangular pose: This pose is named so, because your body looks like a right angel triangle. Stand with legs wide apart, and point your right foot rightward and left foot forward. Now spread your arms, and touch your right foot with your right hand and keep the left hand straight up on the other side. Reverse and repeat. This pose is great for knee, joint, shoulder, neck, ankle and even back pain. Isn't that good news?

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4. Cow face pose: This is one is best for shoulder pains. Put your left hand over the left shoulder and reach your back, and keep your right hand down and do the same. Try to make your hand touch, and then switch hands and repeat. On the other hand, the reverse cow face pose is when you lie down and cross your knees, pulling both feet to opposite sides as much as you can. This is great for sciatica pains in particular.


Cow face pose can offer relief from body pain
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5. Headaches and neck pain: This is an extremely common set of pains, and can be treated by doing the legs up the wall pose. Lie flat on your back, to push your legs up a wall, and relax. You may also try shavasana with a thick blanket under your chest, to keep it slightly elevated.

6. Pain in knee: Its extremely common for the knee to suffer due to excess weight, or old age. So, do the warrior pose or the twisted figure four to help your knees. The warrior pose is simple, put your pressure on the left knee, bending and keeping the trailing let straight. The feet and hands must be parallel and point in opposite directions. The figure four is simple, lie down, bend and put one of your knees over the other, bending the one on the floor as well.

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7. Lower back pain: If you have tight hips, your back and pelvis might be hurting. Do the supine twist, to fix this, wherein you lie down and pull your knees to one side, and face the other way, to completely twist your torso.

8. Seated forward bend: Poses that can hit more than one body part, are mentioned separately. This is one of them. Sit, spread your legs forward, and then place your head on your knees, while holding on to your feet. This would benefit your headache, back, neck and shoulder and legs. Its even got weight loss benefits.

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