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Father's Day 2019: Why Having A Father Figure Is Important For Children

Father's day 2019: Involvement of father is even related to health of infants, including better breastfeeding rate and better weight gain among preterm infants. Read here to know how important is having a father figure for children.

Fathers Day 2019: Why Having A Father Figure Is Important For Children

Father's Day 2019: Active father involvement can give a boost to children's confidence


  1. Father's presence can help children have long lasting marriage
  2. A child's early development can get affected by father's presence
  3. Father's presence can have an impact on both young girls and boys

DoctorNDTV wishes its readers a very Happy Father's Day! Every year, Father's Day is celebrated on June 16 across the world. The influence of a father on the development of a child cannot be underestimated. A child whose father is involved during his/her growth years is bound to benefit from it. In particular, an engaged father brings out the best in a child. So, what does an engaged father do? He takes the responsibility of his child and is physically accessible and emotionally engaged while providing the necessary material support for sustaining the need of the child. As such, the father is completely involved in childcare. However, nowadays, father engagement is not as it used to be. Lack of father figure, or absence of it thereof, is a growing and common problem. Today, many children live in homes without the presence of their father. It is a well-known fact that the involvement of both parents is important for raising kids. Yet, it is common nowadays for families to be headed by a single mother. 

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Father's Day 2019: Why having a father figure is important for children

1. The role of fatherhood in early development 

Positive engagement on father's behalf can have a significant, lifelong impact on the early development of a child. As far as the early development is concerned, a child-father relationship is as important as a child-mother relationship. In fact, the involvement of father is even related to health of infants, including better breastfeeding rate and better weight gain among preterm infants. While father engagement can be beneficial, the absence of it can have adverse lasting effects. It can hinder the development of an infant, which impacts childhood and adulthood as well. Absence of father has certain psychological effects, which lasts throughout lives. Behavioural issues are common under such circumstances. 

2. Impact on both genders

Father engagement is proven to have an impact on boys as well as girls, although the specific involvement is unique in each case. For instance, in case of boys, presence of an active father reduces the chances of behavioural troubles, delinquency and even economic disadvantage. On the other hand, with young girls, father engagement reduces the likelihood of psychological issues and depression


Father's day: Having a father day is important for the child's growth and development
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3. Better relationships

People who have had actively involved fathers during their childhood are more likely to be in a strong and lasting marriage. It is only natural for someone who has underdeveloped relationships in his/her own home to have difficulties in developing and healthy and productive relationship. Not just personal relationships, father engagement has an impact on the professional relationships of an individual as well. Active father involvement can give a boost to children's confidence. 

4. Quality involvement matters

When it comes to father engagement, it is quality that matters, not the quantity. It is not necessarily about the amount of time a father and a child spend together. Instead, it is all about the quality of that time. Hence, it is possible for even non-resident fathers to have a positive impact on the development of their children. An involved father, even if he is living apart from his child, has a significant role in developing a child into an emotionally, socially and physically healthy being. 

(Dr. Gaurav Jawa, Neonatology and Paediatrics, Apollo Cradle Royale, Nehru Place)

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