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Yoga Day 2019: 7 Yoga Tips For Beginners

International Yoga Day: Thinking of practising yoga? Its a great choice, that's for sure. But keep in mind the following pointers to get the most out of it and avoid accidents, in case you are a beginner.

Yoga Day 2019: 7 Yoga Tips For Beginners

World Yoga Day: Make sure to stretch and warm up before starting your practise


  1. This Yoga Day, get everyone around you to practice yoga
  2. Keep your fluid levels up, to keep energy levels sufficiently high
  3. Keep breathing and focus on relaxation while practising

DoctorNDTV wishes its readers a very happy International Yoga Day 2019! Yoga is an extremely popular means of workout. While, upon first glance, it may not look particularly strenuous and maybe even ineffective, but as you delve a little bit deeper for yourself, you find out exactly what yoga can do to you. Its difficult, and when done without proper safety measures and techniques, can even cause minor to severe injuries. That being said, its a great pick, as it can help your mind and body alike. Your body would start feeling a lot stronger and fitter, your skin a lot smoother and you would exude confidence as you pass people. You will experience maximum control of your mind, and a sense of calm will spread from head to toe.

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International Yoga Day: So, if you're gonna embark of your own yoga journey, here are certain tips you must keep in mind:

1. Put on comfortable clothes: You mustn't focus on the way you look when practising. Wear comfortable and stretchy clothes, so that they don't become a hinderance to your body as you continue your practice. If you don't ensure that you do this, not only do you risk tearing your clothes, but you may not get the most out of your workout.

2. Light stomach is important: Yoga is famous for putting excess pressure on some of your body parts. Specially, the abdominal muscles may come into play often. This can create problems if you had eaten just a little while earlier. Either you won't be able to complete the exercise or you might feel nauseous while doing it.

3. Stretch and warm up your body: Its really important to make your body ready before doing any physical activity. Extend your joints and muscles, keep them loose and get your heart pumping a little bit. This will minimise the risk of injury.


International Yoga Day: Stretch and warm your body before doing yoga
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4. Hydration is the key: Yoga is new for your body. You will need the energy, your body will need the hydration. Make sure you drink your 2 litres of water daily, and ensure that you carry a water bottle with you to your class.

5. Ease your body, relax your mind and focus on breathing: Often in the heat of the moment, you might forget to breathe. If your breathing becomes irregular, your body might start cramping up and you may be under equipped with oxygen to go through with it. Yoga is all about relaxation, don't forget about it.

6. Limits can be pushed patiently: Don't over exert yourself, it can lead to injuries. If you are unable to execute a pose, consult an expert to gradually make your way to it. If you are unable to, you probably need it. It'll be a task, but gradually push your limits. If you rush yourself, you can seriously cause some injuries that can put you out of the action for a while.

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7. Purchase a sticky mat: This is important. Although all of your exercises won't be on the mat, its a good idea to purchase a sticky mat to help you out with your balance, and protect your knees and elbows from friction off the floor. Plus it helps avoid muscle cramps and sprains as well.

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