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Ahead of World Yoga Day 2019, PM Narendra Modi Tweets 'Vakrasana' Video; Know The Health Benefits

Vakrasana is a simple spinal twist yoga pose. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a tweet where his animated version demonstrated vakrasana step-by-step.

Ahead of World Yoga Day 2019, PM Narendra Modi Tweets Vakrasana Video; Know The Health Benefits

A simple spinal twist yoga pose, vakrasana can help your abdominal organs


  1. You can prevent constipation and stomach diseases by performing vakrasana
  2. This spinal twist pose can help in burning belly fat
  3. Perform vakrasana to get relief from vertebrae stiffness

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted an animated video ahead of the International Day of Yoga on June 21. This time, the animated version of the Indian prime minister performed "Vakrasana". Modi said that Vakrasana helps helps spinal cord in gaining flexibility.

The animation video demonstrated 'Vakrasana' or the spinal twist yoga pose. The animation took the audience step by step through each detail and also explained the benefits of Vakrasana.

Alongside the video, Modi also tweeted, "Have you ever practiced Vakrasana? Its advantages are numerous and long lasting. Watch this video."

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Vakrasana can benefit your body physically. The spinal twist yoga pose can help in massaging abdominal organs which can regulate the secretion of digestive juices (like bile) and helps facilitate digestion. The twist can also help in reducing belly fat. You can increase spine's elasticity and get relief from vertebrae stiffness. Vakrasana can reduce stomach diseases and constipation. 

With almost a week left for International Day of Yoga 2019, PM Modi urges every person to prepare for the special day that was designated as World Yoga Day on his suggestion at the UN General Assembly speech in 2014. Over the last five years, its reach has improved throughout the world.

Governments of many nation mark this day in a big way with thousands participating in mass Yoga events across the country. This year, Modi is expected to join an event in Ranchi on 21st June.

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