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Frizzy Hair During Monsoons? Top Tips For Hair Care During Monsoons

Hair care during monsoon: The rainy season can make hair vulnerable to damage. Frizzy, dry and oily hair are common symptoms of hair damage during monsoon. Read to know top tips for hair care during monsoon.

Frizzy Hair During Monsoons? Top Tips For Hair Care During Monsoons

For optimum hair care during monsoon, shampoo your hair twice in a week


  1. Rainwater contains lots of impurities which can cause damage to hair
  2. Use microfiber towels to keep hair dry during monsoon
  3. Eggs and fish are rich in protein and can help prevent hair loss

As soon as the first showers hit the ground, we celebrate the end of hot and dry summers. Monsoon symbolizes the romantic side of nature. Even as adults, we cannot suppress the childish urge to run out and drench ourselves in the rains. However, the idea of hair damage bothers us every now and then during monsoon. Monsoon is that time of the year when the climate is humid and the rains are possibly acidic. Such conditions manipulate the chemical structure of hair. During this season, hair gets exposed to airborne hydrogen and starts bonding with the same. They react until they swell and the smooth cuticle pops out to make the hair look frizzy. Rainwater is considered to be the purest form of soft water, but it is only true until it mixes up with the pollutants or particles existing in the environment on its way down to the ground. The first rains are considered to be most treacherous as it contains a huge amount of contaminants which remain present in the atmosphere for a very long time and leads to acid rain. Acid rain makes hair vulnerable to damage. It removes the tresses of moisture and leaves the hair frizzy, dull, rough and weakens roots of the hair, which leads to hair problems like hair fall, dandruff etc.

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5 most useful tips on hair care during monsoon

1. Wash hair twice a week

In the season of rains, a lot of moisture gets trapped in our hair which eventually leads to hair damage like hair fall, dandruff, frizzy hair etc. Washing hair twice a week can help prevent our scalp from further hair damages. You can opt for a deep cleansing and soft shampoo which removes residues left by rainwater and moisture in hair because of the humid weather. Use of a good shampoo nourishes and also prevents hair from fungal and bacterial infections.


Washing hair twice a week can be beneficial for hair care during monsoon

2. Oiling regularly can beneficial 

Oiling hair is an old yet the most favored methods used in preventing hair from damage. Hair oil for hair care during monsoon helps in nourishing the tresses, moisturizing scalp and revitalizing dry strands.

Tip- Avoid applying too much oil. It can lead to over-shampooing and cause breakage of hair.


Regular oiling of hair can help prevent hair damage

3. Keep hair dry 

Use of microfiber towel can prove to be the best alternative in keeping hair dry during monsoon. These towels are good in absorbing water or moisture very quickly. They cause minimum abrasion and causes less hair fall, thus aiding hair care during monsoon. 

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4. Condition your hair the right way

Apply conditioner only on the strands and tip of your hairs. Avoid applying too much conditioner on the roots of hair.

Tip- Use wide tooth comb after applying conditioner as it can help you spread it evenly on your hair.


Conditioning hair during monsoon prevents hair from falling

5. A good diet is a necessity in keeping hair healthy 

Foods which are rich in protein, iron and omega 3 fatty acids are good at keeping hair healthy. Foods that are highly recommended are:

Eggs: Rich in protein.

Spinach and other leafy green vegetables: Rich in iron.

Fish: Rich in protein.

Nuts and seeds: Rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

Carrots: Rich in Vitamin A.

Avocados: Rich in Vitamin E.

Whole grains: For biotin.

Citrus fruits: Rich in vitamin C.

These foods can help in keeping hair healthy. They have nutrients like proteins which are well known to be building blocks of hair. Iron is an essential nutrient which is required by our hair cells and vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron in our body. Omega 3 fatty acids help in strengthening hair, biotin is very helpful in cell proliferation and producing amino acids(protein), vitamin A helps in growth of the cells in hair - which are the fastest growing cells in the body, vitamin E helps in blood circulation and also helps in hair growth.


A good diet makes hair strong and prevents further damage

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Home remedies for hair care during monsoon

1. Amla and lemon juice

Amla and lemon juice both have very high anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and exfoliating properties which promote hair growth. Application of the mixture of amla and lemon (1 tablespoon each), one night before head wash can help hair grow long and healthy.


Amla has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
Photo Credit: iStock

2. Methi (fenugreek) seeds

Methi helps in revitalizing hair follicles, making hair strong immune to any damage. Soak 1 cup of methi seeds in a bowl for a night and make a paste out of it next day. Apply the paste carefully on your hair and let it rest for 45 minutes and then wash your hair.


Methi seeds help make hair strong and immune to any damage

3. Aloe vera

Aloe vera helps in maintaining the pH levels of hair because of its alkaline properties. It also helps in promoting hair growth and strength. Apply aloe vera on your hair directly and let it sit for 1-2 hours and then wash your head with lukewarm water.


Aloe vera maintains the pH level of hair

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