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Do You Feel Angry And Irritable When Hungry? You Might Be Hangry And It Can Harm Your Health: Know More Here

Hangry or hungry+angry, is referred to an irritable state of mind that can only be cured by eating. This condition can cause hormonal imbalance and increase stress levels in the body. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Do You Feel Angry And Irritable When Hungry? You Might Be Hangry And It Can Harm Your Health: Know More Here

Restrictive diets can make you feel hangry


  1. Hangry is a condition where hunger makes you snappy and irritable
  2. It can increase your stress levels
  3. Depriving yourself of food can make you hangry

There must have been multiple times when you're hungry or simply are in a state of mind where you feel extremely snappy and irritable. This phenomenon is known as "hangry", which is referred to the condition which makes you feel angry due to lack of food. It is an irritable state of mind that can only be cured by eating. Being hangry is something that both men and women can experience. Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho took to Facebook to talk about hangry, and how being constantly in this state of mind can harm your health.

How foods works in the body?

The carbs that you eat get broken down into glucose, the proteins get broken down into amino acids and fats get broken down into fatty acids. These acids then enter our bloodstream and are transported to different organs in the body.

In the video, Luke informs that glucose broken down from carbs needs to be transported to the brain. This is the reason why going completely off carbs or following a low-carb diet without increasing intake of proteins and fats makes a person irritable and cranky. What's more is that they gain back the weight that they quickly lost following this diet, and even hamper their metabolism in the process.

Similarly, eating too many carbs results in a vicious cycle of high and low blood sugar levels, thus making the body crave for more carbs. This, in turn, makes you hangry.


Calorie restrictive diets can make you feel hangry
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What happens when you're hangry?

When you're hangry, your adrenal glands produce more cortisol and adrenaline, both of which are stress hormones. This makes the body go into the sympathetic nervous system or the fight and flight state. It changes your behaviour and mood completely.

Lack of sleep is also a reason which can make you feel hangry. Less sleep increases production of ghrelin or hunger hormone; and suppresses production of leptin or satiety hormone. This makes you eat again and again, thereby making you irritable, and thus hangry.

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Other reasons for getting hangry

If you are eating well and getting good sleep, but still feeling hangry, it may be because of an underlying health condition.

Following are the conditions which could be making you hangry:

1. Abnormal thyroid levels: TSH, T3, anti TG and TPO hormones

2. Depriving yourself of food: Constantly following food deprivation or restrictive diets can make you feel hangry. Starving yourself is not good for your health. You must always listen to your body and eat food when you feel hungry.

Being hangry can reduce your immunity and increase inflammation in the body. Do not deprive yourself of macronutrients and follow every diet in moderation.

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(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine)

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