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Questions That You Must Ask Yourself If You Feel Hungry All The Time: Hear It From Nmami Agarwal

If youve been feeling hungry all the time here are some things to consider.

Questions That You Must Ask Yourself If You Feel Hungry All The Time: Hear It From Nmami Agarwal

Prolonged stress can trigger stress-eating and binge-eating

Eating habits take centre stage when it comes to leading a healthy life. You'll be happy and free from ailments if you make healthy lifestyle choices. That's the reason why you need to keep a check on what you eat, the quantity of your food, your fitness quotient and develop other habits that will benefit you in the long run. There are times when you feel hungry all the time (for long hours) for days altogether. Remember, this is an indication enough that there may be something off with your diet, stress levels or sleep pattern.

Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal, through an Instagram video, states questions you need to ask yourself if you feel hungry all the time.

1. How frequently do you eat your meal?

If you think you feel hungry all the time, maybe you need to check into the number of times you are consuming food. If you are feeling that hungry, maybe you aren't eating all your meals or starving yourself. Are you? Think about it.

2. What about protein or fibre intake?

Health experts have stressed enough about including protein and fibre in your everyday meals. These two elements are important. Protein is a body-building nutrient and it helps in keeping you fuller for a long time. Fibre, on the other hand, keeps your gut healthy and initiates smooth bowel movements. However, if you are not having a diet that's rich in protein or fibre, you may need to rethink. Are you deleting an entire protein or fibre-rich food group from your diet?

3. How hungry do you feel when you eat your meals?

You should be able to gauge what are your hunger levels when you eat your meals.

4. Question your stress level

Leading a stressful life may have an adverse effect on your eating patterns as well. Stress has the ability to stimulate your appetite. Sometimes, it can lead to hunger and unnecessary cravings. So, how are your stress levels these days when you feel hungry?

5. What about your sleep pattern?

Sometimes, a disturbed sleep pattern may affect your appetite in many ways.

Take a look:

Develop the habit of eating mindfully and try to have all things healthy if you want to stay fit and fine.

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