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Refer To These Five Food Items To Stop Feeling Hungry All The Time

A look at the five food items that will help you curb hunger pangs.

Refer To These Five Food Items To Stop Feeling Hungry All The Time

Channa and sprouts are very filling foods and help reduce unnecessary feelings of hunger

If you want to be healthy, it is important to keep your food habits in check. Always remember that your food choices and eating habits play a major part in contributing to the status of your health. What do you say, if we ask how often you feel hungry? It's normal to feel hungry during your usual meal timing or sometimes, in between. But if you are someone who keeps feeling hungry every now and then, it could be a matter of concern.

A lot of times, constant hunger pangs show that you may not be consuming a nutritious diet or having meals that contain protein and fibres that tend to keep you full for longer. Also, you tend to eat unhealthy food items whenever hunger pangs hit. Then, this practice ultimately leads to other health issues including obesity. So, what's the solution? Nutritionist Lovneet Batra shares five food items that will help you stay full for longer.        

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Take a look: 

1. Almonds

This dry fruit is packed with antioxidants, vitamin E, and magnesium, healthy fats, protein and fiber. You should know that protein and fibre both help increase the feelings of fullness. Also, a study found that consuming almonds reduces hunger and improves dietary vitamin E and monounsaturated fat.

2. Coconut

This makes for a great snack that curbs those unnecessary hunger pangs. Lovneet mentions that the medium chain triglycerides (MCTs include capric, caprylic, caproic, and lauric acid) present in coconut are known to burn body fat faster and reduce appetite leading to a spontaneous decrease in calorie intake. Additionally, the high fibre content of coconut meat can boost fullness, which may help in preventing overeating as well.

3. Chana sprouts

These are rich in protein and fibre that ultimately make give you a feeling of being full. Also, because protein takes longer to digest, it lowers hunger hormone levels. All this will be the reason why you will potentially eat less in your next meal. Chana sprouts are also rich in B-vitamins. It could be a great snack to gorge on as compared to those deep-fried food items.

4. Buttermilk

This delicious drink is a probiotic, high in whey protein, and is a great way to hydrate. Buttermilk is also excellent for your appetite that's why many people have it for better digestion. Studies also suggest that the high calcium and protein contents of buttermilk influence appetite and energy intake.

5. Vegetable juice with flaxseeds

Lovneet states that this is a great way and one of the easiest to include those antioxidants and fibres in your diet. It helps in keeping you full and works incredibly for better gut health. Add a dose of healthy fats with a tablespoon of roasted flaxseeds and enjoy.

To keep those unwanted hunger pangs, all you need to do is alter your food choices a bit and you should see the results.

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