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6 Types Of Contraceptives You Must Know About

Contraceptives are used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. But not many people know which form of contraception would suit their purpose best. Here's a list of 6 best forms of contraceptives.

6 Types Of Contraceptives You Must Know About

Contraceptives can help you cut the risk of unwanted pregnancies


  1. Contraceptives are used to prevent pregnancy
  2. There is a wide variety of contraceptives available in the market
  3. Pills are hormonal form of contraception

Married or unmarried, it is not necessary that one would always be ready to plan a family. Every couple needs to be mindful of how they go about conception. When not ready for a baby, it is important to know which type of contraceptive suits your purpose best. Using the right contraceptive can allow you to enjoy sex without the fear of pregnancy. It is not quite possible for one to gain knowledge about the best contraceptives from advertisements alone. You need to be aware about the wide range of contraceptives available in the market which can help you make a wiser and more informed decision. 

Here's a list of 6 best contraceptives which can help you avoid unwanted pregnancies.  

1. Pills

Pills are a hormonal contraceptive. Pills use hormones to prevent pregnancy. Pills are one of the most commonly used contraceptives and have also proven to be quite effective. Combined birth control pills stop the release of an egg and inhibit a sperm's movement. Such pills are called combined oral contraceptive pills. Combined contraceptive pills contain the hormones estrogen and progestine. Such pills can prevent fertilization but they cannot provide protection from HIVs or STDs. Another kind of pills are - Progestogen-only pill ( POP). These pills do not restrict the movement of the sperm; rather they thicken the mucus in the cervix so that the sperm fails to pass through. POP uses the hormone progestine only. These pills are equally effective but less talked about. Contraceptive pills can be bought from any nearby store. 

6pgtl33gPills are hormonal contraception
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2. Depo provera injection

These injections are another form of hormonal contraception. For best results, you can take them once in every three months. Depo provera injections have a 99% success rate.

l3desnn8These injections 99% effective in preventing pregnancies

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3. Condoms

Condoms are the cheapest, most easily available commonly used contraception. Such a contraception is known as barrier method contraception. Condoms restrict the flow of fluids from one body to another, hence preventing the sperm from entering into a woman's vagina. Condoms are not only effective in birth control but also guard against the sexual transmitted diseases. Condoms are made up of two kinds of material - latex and polyurethane. Latex is usually more easily available in pharmacies. Most couples around the world use male condoms (the man wears the condom on the penis). Female condoms, also known as internal condoms, are used as capes on the vagina. They are just as effective as male condoms but not quite as cheap and convenient as male condoms. 

lmsleehoCondoms are the cheapest and the most commonly used contraception

4. Diaphragm

Another barrier form of contraception is the diaphragm which prevents pregnancy by preventing the sperm from entering into the vagina. The diaphragm is placed inside a woman's vagina like a latex disk. Every time a diaphragm is used, it has to be painted with a spermicide which kills the sperm and further prevents the semen from entering the cervix. This form of contraception has to be placed in the vagina at least six hours before sex and be removed not before 24 hours after sex. The diaphragm is not a very effective mode of contraception for spontaneous sex and neither does it restrict the transfer of HIV.

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5. Emergency contraceptives

Emergency contraceptives can be taken up to two to three days after unprotected sexual activity. There are two types of emergency contraception - the emergency contraceptive pill ( ECP) and a copper IUD. One dose of ECP is adequate for women who weigh less than 70kgs. For women who weigh more than 70kgs, it has to be recommended by the doctor whether a double dose is safe or should they go for an IUD. Copper IUD also prevents pregnancy in 99% cases. Emergency contraception method may be opted for when all other methods have failed. These contraceptives may bring along some side effects.

oh7hcgsEmergency contraceptives can be taken up to two to three days after unprotected sexual activity
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6. Femcap

Femcap or cervical cap is a smaller version of the diaphragm. It is made up of latex material that has to be inserted in the vagina about 6 hours before sex and be taken out in maximum 48 hours. Since the cervical cap deals only with the cervix, it not only prevents unwanted pregnancy but also prevents bladder infections. Femcaps assure only partial protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

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