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Weight Loss: Does Pilates Really Help You Lose Weight?

Weight loss: You're probably spending a lot of time in your pilates class. But the question is, how effective is it for losing weight? Read here to know the benefits of Pilates and if it can help you lose weight and what expert Shivani Patel has to say.

Weight Loss: Does Pilates Really Help You Lose Weight?

Pilates is excellent if you want to shape your midsection and make it leaner


  1. Pilates alone will not help in quick weight loss
  2. It benefits your posture, as it keeps your back and core engaged
  3. Its a low impact workout that prevents burnouts and exhaustion

Pilates is known to be a low impact workout. While it can help you build lean muscle, tone them and even perfect your posture, there are questions on whether it is actually effective for weight loss. Its true that cardio intense workouts like running, cycling, swimming are going to be significantly more effective when it comes to weight loss. These cardio based routines are often incredibly useful in altering body composition, and helps one to reduce the fat content in their body. Research suggests that the fat content in your body is likely to remain the same when practicing pilates, but the body will likely get a lot more toned, over time, and the torso and waist will likely seem a lot more in shape. But, when combined with a healthy diet, or even multiple workouts, pilates can be an ideal tool for achieving peak fitness. But, despite the relatively low direct contribution to weight loss, pilates can do you a whole world of good. Expert fitness coach Ms. Shivani Patel says, " Pilates improve flexibility, builds strength, and develops control & endurance in the entire body. Additionally, it emphasises on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, improving co-ordination and balance."

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Weight loss: Here's how pilates will help you lose weight

1. Shaping the body: Pilates is known to be particularly useful in helping you rid yourself of some of the fat around your mid section while also toning your muscles. While this won't reduce your weight in the short run, in the long run, as your body will start looking sleeker and leaner. Shivani explains, "Pilates is famous for creating long, lean, fit bodies. One of the ways this is taken care of  is by emphasising on a good length and breadth alignment. It promotes deep and efficient respiration, which is essential for calorie burning and tissue regeneration."

2. Strength: Pilates is ideal for those people who find it difficult to complete long and straining routines like cardio etc. Overweight and obese individuals will find it difficult to keep up with strenuous workouts and get discouraged. Pilates on the other hand will help tone your core, build strength and increase your flexibility. This also means, that you can also get a boost in your workout having done pilates. You can go for much more intense combinations after the you've been regular with pilates for a while. Shivani aptly mentions, "Pilates creates lean muscle mass, and is an ideal way to increase your calorie burning potential while toning and shaping your body."

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3. Increasing mobility: Pilates is a great start to getting moving. Your body requires some physical exercise everyday, and if you're not able to manage that, pilates can be a good start to feeling like being on the move as well. It also increases balance, and further making it easier to workout, even more gracefully, might I add. Shivani suggests, "Its an enlivening workout that can help you sustain high energy levels through the day."


Pilates can increase your mobility
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4. Mental well-being and sustainability: Go ahead get rid of the negative energy in your body. Your mind and body, both benefit from this routine. Plus, if its too easy for you, you won't exhaust yourself and be willing to come back day after day. The negative energy will keep exiting your body, and you'll make a great habit out of it. Shivani adds, "Pilates promotes self-esteem and a heightened lifestyle consciousness, both of which are associated with weight loss."

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5. Improves posture: The back and core are engaged in each pilates workout. Strengthening them, gives your posture a boost, and can have long term health benefits and reduced risk of back and neck problems.

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Shivani Patel is a Fitness Coach at Mumbai based Sculptasse Fitness Center.

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