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Weight Loss: Best Protein Carb Combinations That Can Help

Protein and carb for weight loss: Combining proteins and carbs for weight loss can be more fulfilling and effective. Read here to know some simple protein carb combinations that you can bank on for weight loss.

Weight Loss: Best Protein Carb Combinations That Can Help

Weight loss: Dal roti is the perfect protein carb combination for weight loss


  1. Chicken and chilli powder is a great protein carb combination
  2. The staple dal roti is quite underrated protein carb combination
  3. Dipping vegetables in hummus is a healthy way to eat protein and carbs

Weight loss is no child's play. There are a couple of diet and exercise tips that you need to be careful of. Not just protein, but protein-carb combinations can together help you lose weight effectively. Meats, eggs and legumes are all of our go-to options when it comes to protein, Similarly, we often find ourselves craving those heavenly carbohydrates, which usually go well with anything. What wouldn't become better, if you just slap some bread on top and make a sandwich out of it. It is important to increase your protein intake for weight loss. Alongside, you also need to cut down on carbs, especially the refined ones. However, you also need carbs as a fuel for energy. Combination of proteins and carbs is something that can help you lose weight more efficiently,  without side effects like hunger pangs, irritability and mood swings. Following are some healthy protein carb combinations that can help aid weight loss.

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Weight Loss: Protein fat combination that can help you lose weight 

1. Chicken and chilli powder: Chicken is known for its protein power. Roast it, grill it, boil it, its good for you. But, when it comes to seasoning you've got to be careful. Seasoning with chilli powder could work wonders for you. With nearly 50 g of carbohydrates per 100 g and of which 35 g is dietary fibre, you should consider chilli powder as a great ingredient for quick weight loss.

2. Eggs and bell peppers: Bell peppers are rich in carbs and vitamin C in particular. Eggs can boost your metabolism, while bell peppers are capable of fighting off the fat accumulating hormone called cortisol.

3. Oatmeal, guava and nuts: Oatmeal is an excellent source of carbohydrate fibre. While guava is the most protein rich fruit and nuts, while protein rich may be fat heavy. Look out for the non packaged varieties of nuts, as preservation adds a lot of oil and fats.


Have your oatmeal with guava and nuts for perfect protein carb combination
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4. Mixed nuts and dried fruits: Speaking of nuts, they are actually quite self sufficient. Mixing up a few, and even adding some dried fruits, can help out the taste buds and nutrient requirements. Pistachios, almonds and walnuts are a great combination to start you off.

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5. Dal roti: A household favourite. Take a bowl of dal, season it as per taste, and get the chapattis cracking beside them. This unbeatable Indian staple is excellent, as pulses at times have protein content as high as some meats. Plus, the carb rich rotis are a great source of fibre.

6. Yogurt and cinnamon: Yogurt is your protein, cinnamon the carb option. But they're much more. Yogurt is rich in calcium and vitamin D while cinnamon is full of anti oxidants which can increase your insulin sensitivity and help the body respond to sugar in the system in better manner.

7. Banana and spinach smoothie: This is a new one. Early 2000s cartoons have told us enough about the protein content of spinach, while banana is a fan-favourite. Making a smoothie of the two, has fat burning capabilities for your body, through the use of resistant starch.

8. Fish with garlic: Seafood is great for protein, and holds significant amounts of omega 3 fatty acids as well. On the other hand, research suggests that garlic is a great fat-burning tool. Its a heavy carbohydrate, but with each serving, you're barely eating any carbs because of the limited amounts and high dietary fibre.

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9. Eggs and tomato puree: We bring back a fan favourite, in eggs. Putting tomato purée can provide the boost of flavour you've been looking for, and help fulfil some vitamin C and dietary fibre requirements. Add some chilli and you've got a great fat burning tool

10. Hummus and vegetables: We've got the masters of Lebanese cuisine to thank for this. This chickpea based dip, is great with most vegetables. Find your veggie of choice, try to pick out a protein rich one like broccoli or asparagus and dip away in the fibre and surprisingly protein rich hummus.

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