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This Is How Drinking Water Can Help Prevent Bloating: Other Health Benefits Of Drinking Water You Never Knew

Benefits of drinking water: Drinking sufficient water in a day is recommended by nearly every single expert. The aptly named, 'liquid of life' has more benefits than you can even imagine.

This Is How Drinking Water Can Help Prevent Bloating: Other Health Benefits Of Drinking Water You Never Knew

Substitute your energy drinks with water to prevent bloating and gain good health


  1. Water intake can flush out excess waste and help in reducing bloating
  2. It can ensure energy and nutrient flow to various muscles
  3. Water boosts exercise routine specially during summers

Its no secret that keeping up with your fluids is important for a healthy, happy and energetic life. Most professionals recommend following the 8 x 8 rule. 8 glasses of 8 ounces (240 ml) of water a day. This comes up to about 2 litres every 24 hours. That being said, its important that you listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Don't delay the slightest urge to drink water if possible. Usually, if your diet is larger, then it is advisable to correspondingly have more and more water. The 2 litre figure is merely a ballpark figure, which would be great for your systems, but every individuals requirements differ.

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So, here are the key weight loss benefits of drinking water sufficiently throughout the day:

1. Prevents bloating: While we know bloating is also due to excess water retention in the system, drinking more water can actually reduce your bloating. This may sound conflicting, but its true, because what drinking the extra water does for you is that it naturally flushes out your systems of the excess water and sodium in them. This maintains a flow of the body waste and you are able to remove the causes of bloating through excess sweating, urination and defecation. This is because water plays a key role in excretion, and transportation of your waste to the respective centres for elimination. The entire digestive system, from saliva production to excretion depends on your water intake, so best keep it sufficient.

2. Oxygenates the body: Your blood is made up significantly of water and carries numerous important minerals and fuel around your body. Nutrients and minerals dissolve in your bodily water, making it possible for them to reach different parts. Oxygenation ensures proper functioning and energy supply to your muscles in particular, which can boost your exercise routine by avoiding cramping.


Drinking sufficient water throughout the day oxygenates the body
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3. Regulates body temperature: Having enough water in your body promotes sweating which balances your body temperature in times of extreme heat. In the summers in the subcontinent, it is of particular importance that if there is too little water in your body, you would be less equipped to tackle the excessive heat, reducing your exercise and activity throughout the day.

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4. Boosts performance during exercise: Research suggests that dehydration reduces your performance in activities longer than 30 minutes. This hampers your workout routine and troubles your weight loss plans.

5. Substitute for sugar heavy fluids: If you rely on sugary energy drinks or artificially sweetened juices for your dose of energy pre-workout, you should know that just enough water also does the trick. It's going to keep you active, prevent overeating before meals and prepones your point of satiation.

6. Promotes skin care and beauty: In addition to your weight based benefits, drinking water will also hydrate your skin and provide you with a subtle glow.

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