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Short 10 Minute Exercises You Can Do at Home for Weight Loss

Weight loss: Can't fit a workout into your packed schedule? Well, how about sparing 10 minutes to keep yourself up and running!

Short 10 Minute Exercises You Can Do at Home for Weight Loss

You can try skipping at home for a vigorous cardio session


  1. Try out the prison workout to efficiently utilise small spaces
  2. Use your body weight to build muscle mass
  3. Try surya namaskar for a full body stretch

When times get tough, and schedules get tight, your workout and sleep are the ones to suffer. Replying to a ton of emails, taking care of house guests, preparing for an important presentation usually take precedence over following up on yesterday's jog or you fail to make full use of your expensive gym membership. Don't worry we've got you covered for when time seems like a luxury. Set aside 10 minutes, don't tell your trainer that you're cheating on them with DoctorNDTV's tips and try these exercises to burn off those calories or tone up your muscles.

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Here are 5 ways to workout your full body in 10 minutes:

1. Surya namaskar: One from the yoga books, surya namaskar is a fan-favourite and is one of the healthiest ways to start off your day. Its extremely self sufficient, as it stretches most of your muscles, and gives you flexibility and peace of mind like no other. It is particularly beneficial for your heart and blood flow.

2. Body-weight workout: We don't blame you if yoga is just not your thing. Here is a body weight workout, a combination of squat jumps, push ups, crawls and planks of different varieties. You've got to be really active during the 10 minutes, to pull this off. This workout is customisable to the level that you can decide how much of which exercise you wish to do, based on the muscle group you wish to focus on.


Try body weight exercises like push-ups for weight loss at home
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3. Skipping: Skipping is one of the most accessible form of cardio you can do at home. Get yourself a skipping rope, try to get to 500 or more repetitions and after every 100 put the rope around a railing or a fence, to do bicep curls, rows, tricep extensions etc. , really straining your arm and core muscles. This is an full body workout and is easy to pull off as well.

4. Burpees: Its not the worst idea to do burpees for 10 minutes. They are an extremely challenging exercise, and a great workout for your core in particular. You can combine this with a cardio workout like skipping, to really get your heart pumping, and you can make sure that you get the best out of the 10 minutes.

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5. Prisoner's blowout: The prison cell isn't the largest of spaces; its prison after all. Well then, here's how prisoners maximise their utilisation, to tire themselves out. Like our previous choice, this one begins with a round of burpees as well, but not for long, as you may shortly move into plank leg lifts, lunges, push ups, jump squats and crunches. Its quite simple, a minute and a half per exercise, with a total of 1 minute for a break, as you wish to utilise it. If you don't want to take a break, you may benefit from a round of high knees, kicking your knees well above your waist, as close to your chest as you can get.

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