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Make These High Protein Drinks At Home To Lose Weight And Beat The Heat Too

Protein drinks for weight loss: These magical beverages can help you fulfil your workout goals by providing you with the protein you need, and at the same time, save you from the scorching heat.

Make These High Protein Drinks At Home To Lose Weight And Beat The Heat Too

Buttermilk is an excellent protein-rich drink you can have during summer


  1. Chia seeds are a great source of protein for vegetarians
  2. Buttermilk is a great readily available protein-rich source during summer
  3. Guava is the most protein rich fruit, you make a smoothie out of it

The sun's out and the warm winds are ablaze. Before you reach for your fizzy and sugary drinks, have a look at what these protein rich thirst quenchers have in store. You may never want to return to the sugar heavy lifestyle once you've had a taste of these beautiful concoctions. This is not only a great way to beat the heat, but you can now jazz up monotonous protein shakes for the gym. Maybe try out a protein heavy smoothie sometime. If that's not your thing, we've got some great options with good old milk, even soy milk.

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High protein drinks for weight loss 

1. Apple and chia seeds smoothie: Being one of the greatest protein providers for vegetarians, chia seeds are incredibly nutritious. In addition, the iron and fibre rich apples and protein rich greek yogurt, mixed together creates a smooth good enough to last you the day, and protect your body from the awful heat as well.

2. Spinach and flax shake: In one drink, you get spinach, mango, pineapple, banana and flax seeds. Nutritious, healthy, tasty and chilled. Its the perfect combination to revitalise your body, and get you ready for the upcoming workout.


You can make a spinach and flaxseed shake for weight loss during summer
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3. Buttermilk: With 3.3 g per 100 ml, buttermilk is an excellent milk based drink to have. Although, do make sure you are careful about its sugar and cholesterol levels. Buttermilk is specially good for beating the heat, and is the beverage of choice for numerous individuals across the country. It also acts as a great source of calcium, strengthening your bone and muscle fibres.

4. Guava juice/smoothie: Guava is one of the most protein heavy fruits. You don't often think fruits when you think protein, but we're here to tell you to give guava a shot. It holds 2.6 gms of protein per 100 g serving, and drinking guava juice will keep your guards up against the heat as well. If you want to boost the protein further, make a smoothie out of it. Add some greek yogurt, churn it up, add other ingredients as you please (popular ones include pomegranate, banana, vanilla and honey) and you've got a delicious all natural protein shake.

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5. Vegan shake: Age old myths about no protein for vegetarians and even less so for vegans can now safely be binned. Get your hands on some tofu, almond milk, bananas, oats, honey and vanilla, and get your mixer-grinders ready. This heavy protein drink might just become your best friend for a long time.

6. Banana peanut butter shake: Another delicious concoction, just for you. Your mixer should hold a banana, yogurt, milk, peanut butter, chia seeds and cinnamon. This drink appeals to foodies and sporty people alike.

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