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Nutritionist-Recommended Pre-Bridal Detox Diet For All Would-Be Brides

Among the hustle-bustle of wedding preparation, your diet often goes for a toss. Attention to every small detail often puts a lot of stress. But need not worry as our nutritionist Pooja Malhotra is here with an interesting pre-bridal detox diet!

Nutritionist-Recommended Pre-Bridal Detox Diet For All Would-Be Brides

Avoid going on low-carb, low-fat diet as they can make you look older


  1. Would-be brides must take utmost care of their sleep
  2. They should avoid eating junk and fried foods
  3. Intake of alcohol and caffeine must also be controlled

So the reverse countdown to your D-day has started or your wedding has been fixed. Among the hustle-bustle of wedding preparation, your diet often goes for a toss. Attention to every small detail often puts a lot of stress. Add to that, the stress of looking nothing less than a princess is no less. The innumerous shopping trips, erratic eating, staying up late night to chat with your beau takes a toll on your skin. You are what you eat! No amount of beauty treatments will give you that glow which a good diet can. A good diet should not only help you to achieve and maintain a desirable weight, but can also help you flaunt a glorious and radiant skin even after the make-up has been taken off.

Here's a list of some valuable tips for pre-bridal detox diet:

1. Avoid eating street food as it can be unhygienic and you don't want to risk inviting a stomach infection.

2. Avoid eating fried foods and very spicy foods which can lead to break outs.

3. Cut out on alcohol and caffeinated drinks (tea and coffee) as they both have a dehydrating effect and leave your skin looking dry and dull. They also interfere with sleep and make matters worse.


Would-be brides should cut down their intake of fried and junk food
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4. Limit intake of processed foods as these are high in salt and sugar - both of which have an inflammatory effect on your skin. Cutting them out will be favorable for your waistline too.

5. Carry your meals - as you make repeated shopping trips, eating out regularly is hazardous not only for your waistline but also for your skin. So carry packed meals like stuffed roti rolls, dal ki roti rolls, poha, idli and handy snacks like fresh uncut fruits, roasted chana/ peanuts, nuts and seeds, home-made ladoos, beverages like namkeen lassi/ buttermilk etc to keep you energized you while you shop.

6. Don't cut out carbs/fats from your diet as a desperate weight loss measure. You might lose some weight but you would also start looking few years older all of a sudden with fine lines and wrinkles. Instead modify the type and quantity. Eat moderate portions of complex carbs like whole grains and moderate amount of healthy fats like desi ghee, unrefined oils like mustard, nuts, seeds, fatty fish.

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7. Essential fatty acids like omega-3 are crucial for maintaining the integrity of our skin. Foods like almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds and seafood contain healthy fats. These are definitely a must have. You could start your day with a fruit or handful nuts.

8. Hydrating yourself well is one of the easiest and most important ways to keep your skin supple. But choose your drinks well. Steer clear of colas, carbonated drinks, and alcohol, tea, coffee, and fruit juices too. Drink lots of water, broths and soups; a coconut water along with 'malai' a day will do wonders to your skin.


Would-be brides should take care of their hydration levels
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9. Now this one is easy as we all know about leafy greens, fresh fruits and veggies. These pack a punch of the much needed fibre, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and anti-oxidants which have anti-ageing properties. Include 5-7 servings of local and seasonal fruits and vegetables a day.

10. Turmeric is known to have innumerous health benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-ageing too. From the haldi-wala-doodh to haldi ceremony, turmeric is indispensable. Turmeric latte is now finding place in menus in high-end cafes all over US and in Europe too. So much for our good-old haldi-wala-doodh.

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11. Consider taking a supplement, though it is best to obtain our nutrients from food. Nutrients that are particularly important for your skin include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, omega 3, coQ10, selenium and zinc.

12. Exercise you must! Maintain your fitness regime. It has innumerous benefits. It not only keeps you in good shape, it improves muscle tone and gives you a toned body. Toxins get flushed out in sweat. Exercise tightens skin and is one of the best stress-busters.

13. Adequate sleep is extremely crucial for keeping your hormones in sync. No beauty treatment works if you are sleep deprived and neither does any weight-loss diet.

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So pamper yourself with good food, good sleep, and exercise and of course lots of good shopping!

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