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Can Caffeine Help Reduce Hair Fall? You'll Be Surprised

Experts say that caffeine can be really good for hair growth.

Can Caffeine Help Reduce Hair Fall? Youll Be Surprised

Caffeine increases blood flow in the scalp


  1. Caffeine increases hair growth
  2. Caffeine interacts with hair follicles to regulate hair growth
  3. You can apply caffeine once a week for effective results

The health of your hair is dependent on a number of factors. For instance, the nutrition that you consume has a lot of impact on your hair growth. Good intake of essential vitamins and minerals can ensure healthy and shiny hair. However, maintaining hair growth and hair quality can be a tedious task for some people. They try many home remedies and several methods of hair treatment to improve their hair quality. But what many are unaware of is the effect of caffeine on hair growth. 

Caffeine is a compound which is found in many plants. Experts say that application of caffeine on hair can be really good. "Caffeine increases blood flow in the scalp and increases hair growth," says dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia.

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Explaining how caffeine garners hair growth, she says that it makes messengers in the hair to start working more quickly and efficiently.



Caffeine can trigger hair growth 
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"You can make a mixture of tea, apple cider vinegar and beer. Apply it on your hair before taking a head bath. Do it only once or twice in a week and never go overboard with it," says Dr Kiran while adding that people of all ages can apply caffeine on hair.

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How hair growth works

The condition of your hair depends on the condition of your hair follicles and hair growth cycle. There are progenitor cells in every hair follicle. These cells are responsible for assembling tissues in the hair shaft, thus garnering hair growth.

The initial phase of hair growth begins with these cells producing new hair shafts which continue to grow throughout the elongation phase.
decrease in caffeine intake coffee tea

Caffeine can be applied on hair through foods and beverages that contain caffeine 
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The period of hair growth can take several days, months and even years. This is dependent on the type of hair follicle. Initially, hair remains static in the follicle. They eventually grow and fall out. In case there is any defect in the initial or the elongation phase, there can be a possibility of hair disorders.

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How caffeine triggers hair growth

Caffeine interacts with hair follicles and guides their behaviour to regulate hair growth. It is known to not just prevent unusual hair loss, but also restore hair growth.

Ways to apply caffeine on hair

As mentioned above, caffeine can be applied on hair through food and beverages. Also, there are many shampoos which have caffeine as an ingredient.

So all those worried about their failed attempts at garnering hair growth, try caffeine today and feel the difference!

(Dr Kiran Lohia is a Dermatologist and Medical Director at Lumiere Dermatology, Delhi)

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