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Hair Care Tips: Follow These Guidelines To Take Care Of Your Coloured Hair

Haircare tips: You need to follow several guidelines to take care of your coloured hair. Read here to know how to prevent hair fall and other hair problems after hair colour.

Hair Care Tips: Follow These Guidelines To Take Care Of Your Coloured Hair

Haircare tips: Follow a healthy routine to prevent different hair problems


  1. Coloured hair needs extra care and attention
  2. Pamper your hair before colouring your hair
  3. Change your hair care products after hair colour

Coloured hair is something that many are trying these days to change their overall look. But choosing the right hair colour comes with the right hair care. If you always look forward to experimenting with something new with your hair then you must get ready to properly take care of your hair. Your needs proper care, protection, and nourishment just like your body needs a balanced diet to stay healthy. Before getting your hair coloured here are some important guidelines you need to know. In this article, Mohd Imran who is a hairstylist has listed down six simple and easy tips for all those out there who are have got their hair coloured hair recently or planning to get it done soon.

Haircare tips: Tips to take care of coloured hair

1) The first and the foremost step for your coloured hair care is to choose proper hair care products as suggested by one's hairstylist. For example, use a colour protection shampoo, conditioner, and serum or sulphate free shampoo. These would work well on coloured hair because the ingredients present in the sulphate free shampoo and conditioner help your coloured hair to restore shine, softness and replenish moisture to your hair. Using hair care products is important as the colour will last longer.


Change your hair care products accordingly to take care of your coloured hair
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2) One of the most important steps is to not expose your wet coloured hair directly to the sunlight. Before stepping out of your house, always apply to leave-in serum on your hair. It is also considered as sun protection serum and then dry your hair properly and you are ready for the day. Also, try to cover your hair with a scarf or hat.

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3) Stay away from hot steamy water as it will make your hair dry and scaly. Apart from making it rough and frizzy, hot water will make your cuticle open and the color pigment will wash faster than usual. Instead of using hot steamy water, you can shampoo your hair with slightly warm water and rinse it out with cold water after conditioning your hair.

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4) Don't wash your hair too often. Washing coloured hair every day won't allow the colour to last longer and will make it fade in just a few weeks. Try not washing your hair more often instead you can use colour-safe dry shampoo on off days as it will replenish and refresh your hair instantly without actual washing it and will give your hair a nice and bouncy look. Washing your hair too frequently will also make your hair dry.


Do not wash your hair daily to prevent dryness
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5) Avoid going to the pool because it contains a high amount of chlorine and makes the hair colour dull. If you are planning for a sunny pool day then wearing a swimming cap is a must.

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6) Taking a hair spa once a month is essential. It protects hair colour, its shine and softness. Always remember, do not take mist or steam while getting hair spa.

(Mohd Imran is an award-winning hairstylist who has won the award 'Best Hair Colorist in India namely The Indian Hair Dressing Award by Loreal Professional India')

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