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Some Natural, Most Effective Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away And Prevent Dengue, Malaria

Mosquitoes: Preventing mosquito bites is one of the most effective ways to keep diseases like dengue, malaria and chikungunya away. Read here to know some effective tips by lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho on how to prevent mosquito breeding.

Some Natural, Most Effective Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away And Prevent Dengue, Malaria

Essential oils are effective in preventing breeding of mosquitoes


  1. Avoid standing water near you to prevent mosquito bites
  2. Mosquito repellent creams can help in dengue prevention
  3. Lemon eucalyptus oil is effective in preventing mosquito bites

Mosquito bites are one of the top causes of vector-borne diseases like dengue, malaria and chikungunya. Monsoons are surely delightful and bring with them the much required relief from scorching summer heat. But they are also accompanied with breeding of mosquitoes and higher incidence of these diseases caused by bites of mosquitoes. Right on time is lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho, who took to Facebook to share a few natural ways to protect yourself from mosquito bites. These natural ways may not be 100% effective, but they can take you a long way in terms of preventing dengue and malaria.

Natural ways to prevent dengue and malaria

1. Avoid having standing water

Get rid of standing water in any form in your house and even in your locality if possible. Standing water attracts mosquitoes and increases your risk of being bit by mosquito.


Avoid being near standing water to avoid mosquito repellents
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2. Mosquito repellent creams

Mosquito repellent creams can also offer temporary protection from mosquito bites and you should apply them before going to bed or multiple times during the day if you are required to be around damp areas where mosquitoes can breed.

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3. Essential oils

  1. Lemon eucalyptus oil can be applied on the skin. Make sure that you dilute it with coconut oil or jojoba oil. Do a patch test before applying to see if it suits you. Avoid applying lemon eucalyptus oil on wounds, broken pimples or parts of skin that are bleeding. It works as a 100% mosquito repellent for around three to four hours.
  2. Peppermint oil when mixed with a carrier oil can also help you repel mosquitoes. Similar is the case with lemon grass oil. These essential oils can be used as a diffuser in your room as an effective mosquito repellent for preventing dengue and malaria.
  3. Lavender oil induces sleep and is also great for repelling mosquitoes. It has a soothing effect and a sharp smell that repels mosquitoes by 80 to 90% for three to four hours.
  4. Thyme essential oil is a great mosquito repellent. You can also burn dry thyme leaves around the house to repel mosquitoes and prevent dengue and malaria.
  5. Citronella spray can be used in your room and even on your skin to prevent being bit by mosquitoes.
  6. Tea tree oil repels mosquitoes and also helps in soothing mosquito bites. Luke says that you should try to apply tea tree oil immediately after being bit by a mosquito. It may not prevent dengue or malaria (in case you got bit by a mosquito infected with it) but it can help in soothe the bite and reduce effects of the skin.
  7. Neem oil is another great mosquito repellent. You can apply this on the skin with a carrier oil and it 100% effective in repelling mosquitoes.

Lavender oil induces sleep and is also great for repelling mosquitoes
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Apart from neem oil, all other essential oils can be used as diffuser in rooms as well. Diluting them with a carrier oil is important as the oils alone might be too concentrated for your skin. Avoid applying the oil on your face. You can safely apply it on your arms and legs (where mosquitoes are most likely to bite).

(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine)

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