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Is it possible to breastfeed after work?
Guidelines for successful breastfeeding for working mothers
Wed,26 Aug 2009 18:11:36 +0530
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  • Is it possible to breastfeed after work?
    Wed,26 Aug 2009 18:11:36
    It is possible to continue breastfeeding the baby after returning to work. Working outside the home is often cited as a reason for the decline in breastfeeding rates around the world because breastfeeding and working outside are seen as mutually exclusive activities. But it has been observed that many working mothers have breastfed their babies successfully.
  • Guidelines for successful breastfeeding for working mothers
    Wed,26 Aug 2009 18:11:36
    Before the mother returns to work:

    • Enjoy this special time with the baby.
    • Learn how to express breast milk.
    • Breastfeed the baby frequently and on demand to establish a good milk supply.
    • A few days before you return to work, give expressed breastmilk feed to the baby with a cup or a spoon.
    On joining work, the mother should: 
    • Breastfeed early in the morning.
    • Also, breastfeed just before leaving for work and then again when you come back.
    • If your place of work is near your home, come back home to breastfeed during breastfeeding breaks.
    • Again breastfeed frequently after you come back in the evening.
    • At night breastfeed the child as many times as possible.
    • If creche facilities are available near to place of work then baby can be fed during breastfeeding breaks.
    • Express breast milk during work in a clean container for storage to be given to baby later on or discard to relieve heaviness. This will ensure adequate milk production.
    Source: Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India

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