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What is meant by lesbianism?
Are lesbians different people?
What is the basic cause for lesbianism?
What is homophobia and heterosexism?
What could be done to help this important minority?
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  • What is meant by lesbianism?

    Lesbianism is a term, which describes women whose primary sexual and emotional attractions are fulfilled by other women. Many myths exist concerning lesbianism. It is believed that women become lesbians because of bad experiences with men. It is also said that the lesbians are very masculine.
  • Are lesbians different people?

    Like heterosexuals, lesbians also range in size, shape and appearance and have been found to be no different from them in relationships with parents and friends, drinking, self-esteem and many other issues. Lesbianism is simply the way a minority of our population expresses human love and sexuality. Studies on the mental health of lesbians show that they function like heterosexuals as far as their judgement, stability and adaptiveness are concerned.
  • What is the basic cause for lesbianism?

    Research suggests that the homosexual orientation is decided very early in life. It is therefore unethical to change a person’s sexual orientation through therapy. Psychological techniques like psychotherapy may only help them in becoming comfortable with their sexual orientation.
  • What is homophobia and heterosexism?

    Within our society, there is an irrational fear of homosexuality. This aversion to gay or lesbian people is called homophobia. Heterosexism is a term used to define prejudice and discrimination against gays and lesbians.

    Homophobia can be called a health hazard because the prejudice from society may cause an individual to turn inward and become depressed. The fear of stigma from the society may lead to a refusal to seek medical attention when needed, ultimately resulting in poor health for the lesbian.
  • What could be done to help this important minority?

    An attitudinal and behavioural change is required towards this group as a whole. Lesbianism says loving another woman is good, exciting and healthy. Therefore, the people need to be more informed in order to encourage a healthy approach.

    An open forum is required where such people can meet, exchange their feelings and become more vocal with regard to issues that affect them.

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