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Men's Health Week: Top 7 Superfoods To Boost Sperm Count Naturally

Men's Health Week: A man's sperm count is quite definitive of his chances of impregnating a woman. Learn more about 7 superfoods which can boost your sperm count naturally.

Mens Health Week: Top 7 Superfoods To Boost Sperm Count Naturally

A healthy diet can help you boost your sperm count


  1. Lycopene in tomatoes is an antioxidant that can improve sperm structure
  2. Eggs can help to improve sperm motility and sperm count
  3. Vitamin B6 and selenium in garlic can increase sperm production
Every year, June 11 to June 17 is celebrated as the men's health week. While there are a number of indicators which define men's health, sperm count happens to be an important indicator. And with the increasing incidence of infertility in men, it becomes all-the-more necessary to be mindful of sperm health. A man's sperm count is quite definitive of his chances of impregnating a woman. A good sperm count means higher chances of conception and vice versa. Therefore, it is very important for men to take care of their sperm count. This can be achieved by following a healthy lifestyle, refraining from smoking, alcohol and following a good workout regime. But the one factor which can boost your sperm count is a healthy diet. Yes, certain foods have the ability to boost your sperm count naturally.

Healthy food items can improve sperm count and health
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On this Men's health week, learn more about 7 superfoods which can boost your sperm count naturally:

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Lycopene is an important antioxidant in tomatoes which is known to improve sperm structure and boost sperm count. Research suggests that drinking one glass of tomato juice every day can be very helpful in boosting sperm count naturally. You can also add olive oil to cooked tomatoes; this helps your body absorb lycopene in a better way.

2. Eggs

Eggs are one of the healthiest sources of protein and vitamin E. Regular consumption of eggs improve sperm motility, sperm count and protect them from oxidative stress. The nutrients in eggs help your body produce healthy sperm which is quite definitive of your reproductive health.

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3. Berries

All sorts of berries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and cranberries are a rich source of antioxidants and resveratrol. The anti-inflammatory properties in these berries protect your sperm from free radicals. The antioxidants in berries help your body produce healthier, stronger and more number of sperms. A cup full of berries can help you achieve this goal.


Berries have antioxidants that improve health of sperms
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4. Asparagus

One of the most important nutrients for your sperms is vitamin C; and one of the best sources of vitamin C is asparagus. This green vegetable surely adds a great taste to your food, but more than that, it gives your body the ability to boost its sperm count naturally. Besides this, vitamin C in asparagus saves your sperm from free-radical damage. Over time, your sperm count increases and this boosts your reproductive health.

5. Pomegranates

A cup full of pomegranates is an absolute delight for your taste buds. But more than that, it is the ultimate sperm-count booster that your body needs. Pomegranates possess the nutrients required for an improved sperm count and semen quality. Antioxidants in this fruit kill the free radicals present in your blood stream; thereby protecting your sperms from damage. 

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6. Garlic

Vitamin B6 and selenium in garlic play an important role in healthy sperm production. It also has cleansing properties which remove impurities from your arteries and improve blood flow to your testicles. Lack of blood circulation to the genitals also contributes to infertility.


Garlic improves the blood flow to the testicles
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7. Foods rich in zinc

Foods like barley, red meat, and beans are rich in zinc. This nutrient plays an important role in sperm production. Higher concentration of zinc in your body is known to improve sperm production and motility. This contributes to your reproductive health. Aim for 15 grams of zinc every day for a higher sperm count.

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