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Female Infertility: 7 Important Signs And Symptoms You Must Know

From eating disorders to endometriosis, anything could be responsible for female infertility. Watch out for the symptoms of female infertility.

Female Infertility: 7 Important Signs And Symptoms You Must Know

Most of the conditions leading to female infertility are treatable


  1. Most of the conditions leading to female infertility are treatable
  2. Painful and irregular periods point towards endometriosis
  3. Unexplained weight loss points towards PCOD

For any couple who wish to have a baby, getting pregnant is the happiest milestone. And for a couple aiming for this happy day in their lives, infertility is the worst nightmare. Sadly, this nightmare comes true in the lives of thousands of people, and one-third of those cases take place as a result of female infertility. From eating disorders to endometriosis, anything could be responsible for this condition. Now instead of waiting for that day to come and regret it, watch out for the telltale signs of infertility.

Luckily, most of these conditions leading to infertility are treatable, and the best way to do this is knowing what is going on in the first place. So even if you are experiencing some weird symptoms, it does not conclusively mean that you are no longer eligible to be a parent. Remember ladies, knowledge is power.

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We have compiled a list of the 7 most important signs and symptoms of female infertility. Keep an eye on these!

1. Period problems

These include irregular, painful, and no periods. If your periods are giving you a hard time in any of these forms, it is not normal. If they are irregular, bleeding more than what they always do, hurting more than usual, it could signal infertility. Cramping during periods is normal but the excruciating pain is not. Besides this, skipping a month or two of periods is also not normal. It points towards PCOD. And painful and irregular periods point towards endometriosis. Both point towards infertility. So you should never avoid this.


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2. Uterine bleeding

Sometimes, you can experience bleeding which is not due to periods. These are fibroids. Fibroids are tumors, usually, benign, which develop as a result of muscle tissue overgrowth in the uterus. These lead to infertility and in some cases, they are blamed for miscarriages. If they grow in the center of your uterus, you may need a surgery to remove them.

3. Painful sex

Sex is not supposed to be painful. If you are experiencing pain during sex and even after it, it is not something you can avoid. Endometriosis could be the reason for it. It could also make bowel movements painful.

painful sex

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4. Depression and insomnia

Endometriosis can make you feel extremely exhausted. Around your period, it can disturb your sleep patterns and may give you some episodes of depression around ovulation. So ladies, if you experiencing any of these symptoms get checked by a doctor for infertility risks.

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5. Facial hair growth

Increase in testosterone levels can result in excess facial hair. It can be seen majorly in the upper-lip area and on the chin. Hair can also be spotted on the chest and abdominal region. You may also spot hair thinning on the scalp. All these indicate an imbalance and disturbance in the sex hormones which needs to be checked in order to prevent infertility.

facial hair
6. Unexpected weight gain

No one likes to see the needle on the weighing machine going forward every now and then. In women, unexplained weight loss points towards PCOD. Despite dietary changes and increasing the level of physical activity, some women fail to lose weight. All these factors point towards infertility.

post pregnancy belly fat

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7. Low sex drive

A low sex drive rarely points towards infertility, but it points towards other factors responsible for infertility. Low libido could be due to depression, stress or due to pain during sex (due to endometriosis). For this, you must visit a doctor and get checked for infertility risk.

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