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6 Unhealthy Habits That May Be Killing Your Sperm

Poor sperm quality accounts for one-third of the infertility cases. Take note of these habits which could be killing your sperm.

6 Unhealthy Habits That May Be Killing Your Sperm

These unhealthy habits are potential sperm slayers!


  1. One-third infertility cases are due to poor sperm quality
  2. Drinking too much beer can leave you with a weak unhealthy sperm
  3. A steamy hot bath can increase scrotum temperature and kill sperms

Sperm killers are all around us, from basic habits to unhealthy foods, anything could be killing your sperm. They could seep in through your shower or silently enter your body through food. Yes, that's how some basic habits end up harming you in ways you never imagined it would. For men, it is important to realize that these basic habits can have a negative impact on their sexual health. One-third of the couples who face trouble in conceiving deal with it due to trouble with the sperm quality.

So gentlemen, take a look at some basic unhealthy habits which could be killing your swimmers. They are potential sperm slayers.

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1. Drinking carbonated drinks

If you are very fond of carbonated and fizzy drinks, chances are that you could soon get affected by poor sperm mobility. Drinking more than one can of carbonated drinks in a day can potentiality lower your sperm mobility. The same goes for beer. Drinking too much beer can leave you with a weak unhealthy sperm. This is because carbonated drinks are full of sugar which leads to insulin resistance and disrupts sperm mobility.

fizzy drinks

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2. Keeping your phone in your trouser pocket

It is always safe to keep your phone in your front pocket, but only in terms of protecting oneself from getting robbed. However, it is potentially harmful for your sperm. Phone radiations, when close to the male reproductive parts, can kill sperms. Studies show that keeping phones in the pocket can lower sperm count by 9%

3. Keeping the laptop on your lap

Keeping the laptop stably on your lap is quite convenient. But it can harm your chances of having a baby. Yes, something as basic as this can also kill your sperm. Testicles need to stay cool which is why they are present outside the body. But when you keep your laptop on your lap, testicles get warmed up. As a result, sperms die.


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4. Hot baths

After a long and stressful day at work, taking a long and warm shower can be very soothing. The scrotum has a lower temperature as compared to other parts of your body and does not love heat in any way. Taking a steamy hot bath can increase the scrotum temperature and harm your sperm.

5. Lack of sleep

Your body needs rest, your mind does and so is the case with your sperms. For proper functioning and remaining active, the sperms need sleep too. A minimum 7-8 hours of sleep is a must to boost upstream swimming of your sperms. Sleep deprivation also lowers your libido. If you fail to sleep for 7 hours, you can try to keep your sperms active with yoga.


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6. Wearing tight jeans

Slim fit trousers look attractive but wearing them too often can lower your sperm count. They push your testicles close to the body due to which they heat up which we know is not good for your sperm.

Strange how such basic factors can kill your sperm!

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Not only these, other unhealthy which could kill your sperm are smoking, stress, drinking, using sex toys like dildos and vibrators and even excess use of sunscreens. 


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