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Ladies, You Must Try This Single Equipment Workout By Kayla Itsines: Watch Video To Know Why

Celebrity fitness trainer Kayla Itsines recently shared an 8-exercise single equipment (dumbbells) workout routine, which is great for ladies who prefer doing minimal equipment workout. Watch video to know more.

Ladies, You Must Try This Single Equipment Workout By Kayla Itsines: Watch Video To Know Why

All you need are dumbbells for performing this routine by Kayla Itsines


  1. Kayla Itsines recently shared a dumbbell workout routine for the ladies
  2. The exercises can be done at home as well
  3. The routine is both intense and fun

A workout with minimal equipment is something that we all love. Understanding this need and fondness is celebrity fitness expert Kayla Itsines, who recently shared a dumbbell workout for all the ladies who want a minimal equipment workout. Not many people today are fond of going to the gym. Many people struggle to take out time from their routines to go the gym for exercising. This is the reason why there is increasing need for exercises and workouts which one can do at the comfort of home. A pair of dumbbells, a stepper, a skipping rope etc are some equipments which are reasonably priced and can be conveniently bought for working out at home or anywhere outside the gym.

Watch the video below to see the 8-exercise single equipment workout shared by Kayla Itsines.

The 8-exercise single equipment workout shared by Kayla Itsines includes the following exercises:

1. Alternating Straight Leg Raise - 16 reps

2. Bent Over Row - 12 reps

3. Bicep Curl - 12 reps

4. Bent Leg Jackknife - 12 reps

5. Squat, Curl And Press - 12 reps

6. Reverse Lunge - 16 reps

7. Straight Leg Sit Up - 12 reps

8. Goblet Squat - 12 reps

You can try three to four rounds of each exercise according to your strength and stamina.

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Health benefits of 8-exercise single equipment workout by Kayla Itsines:

1. Alternative straight leg raise: For doing this exercise, you need to raise your legs alternatively while lifting a dumbbell in your hand. This is an advanced version of alternative straight leg raise. Leg raises target your lower abs and hip muscles and are effective in building muscles on the front of your body.

2. Bent over row: Bent over row is quite a popular exercise which targets many muscles in the body. It targets both your back and biceps. If you try and work towards pulling weights higher to your chest, it helps in working on upper back muscles as well. Pulling the weight closer to your waist will work on your mid-back muscles.

3. Bicep curl: This is the go-to exercise for working on your biceps. This exercise helps in training the muscles which are highly functional. It helps in bringing ease in performing day-to-day tasks.

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4. Bent leg jackknife: This is another exercise which requires full body movement. It engages abdominal muscles and helps in tightening and strengthening of core. The exercise also challenges back muscles and helps in preventing risks of back pain and injury. The exercise is also great for improving posture.

5. Squat, curl and press: This exercise involves dynamic compound movements which involves the strength and stability of your entire body. It works on your shoulders, arms, core and legs all at once.

6. Reverse lunge: Reverse lunges or backward lunges are safer for knees. They emphasise muscles of glutes, hamstrings and quads. This version of lunges can help in improving balance and overall functionality. It also helps in stabilising the core.

7. Straight leg sit up: This exercise also helps in building a strong core. This exercise helps in preventing injuries of the lower back and helps in strengthening abdominal muscles as well.

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8. Goblet squat: The goblet version of squats shifts the load to the front of your core. It allows for a more upright torso position. This exercise engages your core, obliques and ab muscles.

So ladies, get up and try this intense yet fun workout routine by Kayla Itsines, today!

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