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Forget Broccoli, Asparagus; Rujuta Recommends Having This Veggie For Better Digestion

Suran, elephant foot yam or jimikand, is a vegetable with multiple health benefits, yet seems to be underrated! Read here to know the health benefits of jimikand, which is losing its glam to broccolis and asparagus of the world!

Forget Broccoli, Asparagus; Rujuta Recommends Having This Veggie For Better Digestion

Suran or jimikand has been India's most original mock meat: Rujuta Diwekar


  1. Jimikand can give hormonal boost in the body
  2. It is good for digestion
  3. It is great for people with diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer

Suran, elephant foot yam or jimikand, is a vegetable with multiple health benefits, yet seems to be underrated! Raised as a cash crop, suran or elephant's foot is named so because of its resemblance to an elephant's foot. It is a pinkish brown coloured tuber crop with a stony or hard look. The vegetable is extremely rich in nutrients and must be included in your diet, believes celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. In one of her recent posts on Facebook, talks about how the vegetable is unique and is losing its glam to asparagus and broccolis of the world.

Following are the reasons Rujuta Diwekar gives for including jimikand in your diet:

1. Jimikand or suran is one vegetable which is great for both boys and girls in their growing age. It can help in giving them a hormonal boost to continue getting leaner, taller and stronger.


Jimikand can help in improving digestion
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2. Suran or jimikand is also a great vegetable for those who have begun to look older than their age. People who are experiencing sagging of skin, pigmentation or roughness of skin, they can include jimikand in their diet. Isoflavones in jimikand can give your skin a taut and make it look smooth and soft like it used to be.

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3. People who have a larger waistline or are bigger from the stomach area can also benefit by eating jimikand or suran. Being bigger on the stomach can be because of unpredictable digestion or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Jimikand can rebuild your digestive process and helps in improving gut health by providing gut-friendly bacteria.

4. The vegetable is also great for people with heart diseases, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Jimikand comprises the right blend of vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytonutrients which can help in bringing an improvement to all these conditions.

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Apart from these health benefits, suran has been India's most original mock meat. It is a food which was often used in meat eating families on days they chose to refrain from eating meat. Rujuta Diwekar mentions in her post that jimikand is that fast food which can give a person access to all nutrients without eating much.


Jimikand is good for heart health as well
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How to include jimikand in your diet?

Rujuta Diwekar writes in her post that jimikand can be eaten shallow fried in the form of chips with rice atta or rava or can be turned into a sabzi. It can be a quick snack for kids or for grandparents as well. You can add kokum or amsul while preparing jimikand.

Jimikand or elephant foot yam is rich in minerals like zinc, potassium, selenium, phosphorus and calcium. These trace elements can help in improving concentration and memory. This food can also help in improving immunity and reducing inflammation in the body. As part of Ayurveda, jimikand has been used for treating fatigue, constipation and piles.

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So maybe you can ditch the broccolis and asparaguses in the name of weight loss for a while and try jimikand - the ancient food which has been a part of your traditions for years!

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