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Gut Health: 6 Important Steps For A Healthier Gut

Your diet and lifestyle have a big role to play when it comes to your gut health. Here's how you can keep your gut in a good state of health.

Gut Health: 6 Important Steps For A Healthier Gut

Your health starts with your gut!


  1. Your health starts with your gut
  2. A plant-based diet is great for your gut health
  3. Lack of sleep takes a toll on your mood and microflora

What is the gut? Why is it so relevant to your health? If you have been trying to find an answer for this, you just checked into the right place. Well, your health starts with your gut. The vast microbial world living inside you has the ability to affect your immunity, hormone balance, energy levels, physical performance and brain function. Yes, that's how important your gut is! The core service provided by gut microbe is absorbing and synthesizing nutrition from your food. Yes, your health is not determined by what you eat; it is defined by the ability of your body to absorb that nutrition from food and supplements. This means that if your gut is not in a good state of health, even the healthiest of all foods wouldn't benefit you. A number of new researches and studies show just how important the gut health is and that it can expose you to the risk of a number of diseases if compromised with. And guess what, your diet and lifestyle have a big role to play when it comes to your gut health. Well, relax! We'll tell you how to keep your gut healthy.

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These 6 steps are your key to a healthier gut. Take note.

1. Eat more vegetables

Vegetarian foods are blessed with most of the essential nutrients you need. These nutrients are required by your body on a daily basis and are the basic foundation for a healthy being. And the best part about such vegetables is that they are high in fiber which is required for a healthier gut. It also helps in keeping your other bodily functions running. So remember, a plant-based diet is great for your gut health.

vegetablesGut Health: Eat more vegetables
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2. Prebiotics

Most of you must have heard of probiotics and their benefits for your overall health. But not many people are aware of prebiotics. They are non-digestible fibers present in humans and foods like garlic, onions, leeks, raw asparagus, dandelion greens and more. They act as a fuel for healthy gut bacteria and are beneficial for digestion, heart, immune system, and lowers risk of inflammation and obesity.

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3. Mindful eating

Sometimes, it is not even the food you eat. It also depends on how peacefully you ate. Yes, mindful eating is also a powerful practice offers a number of health benefits. It is essential to proper digestion. Eating peacefully ensures that all the essential nutrients are absorbed by the body, thereby cutting the risk of bloating and constipation. Being aware of what you are eating is important because it keeps you informed about triggers for bloating, indigestion and intolerances.

eating peacefullyGut Health: Eat your food peacefully

4. Sleep

Lack of sleep takes a toll on your mood and microflora. 95% of the body's serotonin levels, which is the sleep hormone, are secreted by the gut. Lack of sleep can disturb the balance of hormones in your body. It disturbs serotonin, melatonin and cortisol levels in the body resulting in fatigue, obesity, increased risk of diabetes and anxiety. Try to improve your sleep patterns by following a proper sleep schedule and eliminating any factor which could disturb you while sleeping.

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5. Control carbs and sugar intake

The bad bacteria of your gut have a feast when you fill up on carbs and sugar. Remember that carbs are broken down into sugar in your body which can increase blood sugar levels. So sticking to a low-carb diet can be helpful in restoring the gut bacteria balance. Fill up on healthy foods like lettuce, broccoli, kale, spinach and chicory for this purpose.

broccoliGut Health: Eat broccoli

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6. Exercise

Obese and healthy people have a different microflora in the gut, and this is affected by their level of exercising. Physical workout affects the gut bacteria by signaling the hormones to boost metabolism levels in the body. So put your sports shoes on and go for a run or hit the gym or climb the stairs. Any form of workout or exercise will benefit your gut health. So get going!

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