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Weight Loss Diet: Diet High In This Protein Can Help In Quick Weight Loss! Here's Why You Should Try It

Majority of health and fitness professionals worldwide regard high protein diet plan as the best option for physically active people and individuals struggling to lose weight.

Weight Loss Diet: Diet High In This Protein Can Help In Quick Weight Loss! Heres Why You Should Try It

Weight loss protein: Soya protein is a high-quality, cholesterol-free and lactose-free protein


  1. High-quality proteins, including soy protein, increase satiety
  2. Native soy protein has a unique arrangement of amino acids
  3. Weight strugglers are shifting towards a plant- inclusive diet

Diets higher in protein can help curb appetite by increasing feeling of fullness and satiety. High-quality proteins, including soy protein, have been shown to increase satiety. In addition, protein can help maintain muscle mass on a calorie-restricted diet, writes Dr. Ritika Samaddar. The "high-protein" concept has completely changed the face of sports nutrition and weight loss treatment. A majority of health and fitness professionals worldwide regard high protein diet plan as the best option for physically active people and individuals struggling to lose weight. From nutritional drinks and fortified foods to dietary supplements, a variety of high-protein options and sports nutrition and weight management products have helped people improve their nutritional status and achieve their fitness goals.

Soy protein based ingredients, especially soy protein isolate are being used as a key ingredient in such products due their protein quality and proven health benefits. In fact, soy is a common ingredient in many meal replacements that are designed to provide a large amount of nutrients in a minimal amount of calories.

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Increased consumption of soy foods owing to associated health benefits

Soy protein foods have been shown to support health needs across the lifespan as these are a source of lean, high-quality, cholesterol-free and lactose-free protein. Native soy protein has a unique arrangement of amino acids, making it a complete protein and the best alternative for dairy and meat -a suitable choice for the vegan population segment. Not only does it support healthy weight loss but also helps build and maintain muscle mass in conjunction with exercise. Soy also reduces muscle fatigue after exercise and muscle recovery time. Other benefits include increasing bone density, lowering cholesterol levels, improving metabolism and preventing heart diseases. These benefits associated with soy are makes it an excellent choice to meet your complete-protein needs.

Soy-protein diet is a critical element for weight maintenance and sports nutrition

Diets high in soy protein are already popular among athletes - especially the competitive ones and those seeking a leaner, more defined physique. Athletes also need muscles to perform as muscles are essential for coordination, balance, speed, and strength. Ingestion of soy protein helps athletes build lean muscular mass. Experimental results have shown protein nutrition is an essential prerequisite for good muscular health, athletic performance, prevention of injury and recovery from fatigue after exercise. It provides all the essential amino acids to help build and repair muscles, organs, and tissues in the body. Through physical activity and daily body functions, muscles are constantly broken down into amino acids and new muscle proteins are made. Intake of complete protein is the key to provide all the necessary amino acids for muscle-building and repair, and soy-based foods provide the high-quality protein necessary for protein synthesis.

The value of plant-protein has emerged beyond the sports nutrition and at present, widely accepted by the more health-oriented people. Even weight strugglers are shifting towards a plant- inclusive diet for weight loss and better nutritional status. Ingestion of soy, the high-quality, plant-based protein, in adequate amounts, favorably affects satiety. This, in turn, promotes fat -loss, while preserving muscle mass and supporting lean body mass gains. Soy foods also contain little or no fat and have virtually no cholesterol. Due to these reasons, soy protein is also a safe, effective and healthy alternative to animal protein for weight management. In fact, soy protein intake benefits physically-active people in the later part of their lives by helping preserve their aging muscles.

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If your hectic lifestyles refrains you from physical activities and you want to stay fit, you can opt for soy-protein to advance your health, including weight loss, increasing energy, and improving heart health.

Generally speaking, high-protein can be obtained by consuming animal -based foods. But this isn't going to support healthy cholesterol-levels and so, your weight loss or fitness goals. With a bit of creative meal planning with soy-protein, you can get enough amino-acid-rich protein to build plenty of muscle and strength and make the most of your weight loss program. To use soy as part of a weight loss program, you can replace animal based foods with their soy counterpart. Soy protein can be found in foods like soy cereal, soy pasta, soy waffles, soy crackers, soy flour and soy bread. People seeking to lose weight or improve their athlete performance can use canned soybeans, soynuts, or edamame, soy burgers, tofu, soy nut butter and soy crumbles in their diet plan. Fitness freaks can also consume soy-rich sports nutrition products, such as sports drinks, supplements, and food, including protein powders, capsules/tablets, ready-to-drink protein drinks, protein bars and other supplements to improve their overall health, performance and muscle growth.


High-protein diet can be also be obtained by consuming plant-based foods.
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(Dr. Ritika Samaddar, Regional Head - South Zone, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket)

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