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Oral Hygiene: 5 Myths About Dental Care You Must Stop Believing

Oral hygiene: Did you know that flossing is as important for your health as oral hygiene? Here are some more myths about dental care that you must stop believing.

Oral Hygiene: 5 Myths About Dental Care You Must Stop Believing

Avoid aerate drinks for tooth health


  1. Excessive sugar intake can be harmful for teeth health
  2. Brushing and flossing are equally important for oral health
  3. Teeth whitening should only be done by experts

There are a lot of myths existing about oral healthcare. Following a proper oral healthcare routine is important for your overall health. Along with preventing incidence of diabetes, it can also help in keeping bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease at bay. In this article we are going to talk about some myths about dental care which you must not believe.

Dental care myths you must stop believing:

1. Flossing is important

This is a myth as not flossing can adversely affect oral health. Teeth flossing is an extremely significant step in oral hygiene and should be done at least once in a day. Your toothbrush only has the ability to clean the front and back area of the teeth but it fails to properly clean the sides of your teeth. A toothbrush cannot fit in those small openings in between the teeth and gums. By avoiding flossing, you are missing out on cleaning almost 33% percent of surface of the tooth and in turn, you are leaving behind a lot of bacteria and plaque. The germs that are left in between your enamels and gums over time can lead to bad breath, gum ailment, tooth decay and pain.

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2. Teeth whitening

Contemporary techniques of teeth whitening are characteristically considered to be safe - as long as you have your enamels whitened by a skilled dental expert at a dental clinic.

3. Braces are for everyone

Although it's common for kids and teens to obtain orthodontic treatment, today more and more adults are also opting for braces. Gone are the days of train-track braces. Clear braces are now available, that can offer a more discreet choice for adults.

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4. It's a fact that sugar is the root cause for tooth decay

It's true, consuming too much of processed sugar increases risks of tooth decay. This is because the moment the sugary edibles are broken down, they tend to feed plaque-generating microorganisms in your mouth and generate acids that can wear away surface of teeth. Even if you consume a diet which contains less of sugar foods, you still are at a high risk of developing cavities in case you don't brush and floss regularly. Starchy diets also comprise carbs that can lead to formation of plaque and decay.

5. Aerated drinks most preferred for your teeth

Along with sugar that is present in aerated drinks, another factor contributing to damaging oral health is the acidity in these drinks. Over-time, sugar-free carbonated drinks can lead to just as much damage to the enamel, possibly making you experience more sensitivity, cavities, or even loss of tooth. Sugar in tetrapack fruit juices can also be just as harmful. Water is the best kind of fit and refreshing substitute for soft drinks.

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(Dr. Karishma Jaradi is Aesthetic Dentist at Dentzz Dental)

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