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World Oral Health Day 2018: Your Toothpaste Can Damage Your Teeth! Make Your Own All Natural Home Made Toothpaste

World Oral Health Day 2018: Did you know? Store bought toothpaste can lead to tooth cavities.

World Oral Health Day 2018: Your Toothpaste Can Damage Your Teeth! Make Your Own All Natural Home Made Toothpaste

World Oral Health Day 2018: Toothpastes in the market come with artificial sweetners


  1. Surfactants in toothpastes can cause mouth ulcers and soars
  2. Glycerine in toothpastes can discolour teeth
  3. Fluoride in toothpaste can cause tooth decay

Here's something you might be surprised to read. Your store bought toothpaste might not be as good for your teeth as you may think. Mostly, we buy toothpaste from the market because we are scared to lose our teeth before aging does that to us. However, given the fact that we need to brush our teeth twice daily, it is important that we take a closer look if it is really that good for us or not. In the long-term, usage of toothpaste has been linked to damage of teeth.

Here are other damages that store bought toothpaste can cause:

1) If you use more than peanut-sized toothpaste at a time, chances are that your teeth will darken in colour and enamel will wear away.

2) Many toothpastes have hydrated silica as an ingredient. This acts as an abrasive agent which can damage the surface of tooth and hamper the re-mineralisation process. This can lead to tooth cavities and damage to teeth enamel.

3) Some toothpastes contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame. One of the most controversial approvals by Food and Drug Administration, aspartame can increase risks of cancer, depression, weight gain, nausea and rashes. Alzheimer's disease, Parkison's disease and multiple sclerosis are other risks of consuming aspartame.

4) Fluoride in toothpaste can cause tooth decay. A majority of toothpastes comprise fluoride in a bid to prevent tooth decay. In case a person ingests fluoride, there are chances that your teeth might get discoloured permanently. Stomach ailments and skin rashes are other side effects of ingesting fluoride.

5) At times, mouth ulcers and tooth sensitivity can be worsen or causes by the kind of tooth pastes we use.

6) Another common ingredient in most toothpastes in glycerine, which is a colourless and sweet and colourless liquid. It can discolour teeth and cause tooth cavities.

7) Surfactants are also common in most toothpastes. They are responsible for the foam and lather. There are researchers which show that these surfactants can cause mouth ulcers and soars.

Thus, store bought toothpastes can cause some serious dangers to our health.

But need not worry because homemade toothpastes can be a natural and good alternative.

Ingredients for homemade toothpaste

All you need is 1/2 cup of coconut oil, around 3 tbsp of baking soda, 2 small packets of stevia (a kind of a sugar substitute) powder and around 20 drops of cinnamon or peppermint oil.

Method of preparation

Mix all the ingredients and slightly molten coconut oil. Stir until the mixture becomes cool and baking soda is totally incorporated. Store the mixture in a glass jar and let it stay until it cools completely.

How to use

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You can dip your toothbrush into the paste and scrape small amount of paste on to the surface. You can take the paste out with the help of a spoon as well. 


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