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Skincare Tips: Get Rid Of Open Pores In A Jiffy With These Dermatologist Recommended Home Remedies

Skincare: Open pores on face may be the reason why your skin looks dull. Read here to know how to get rid of open pores at home and how to close them permanently, as recommended by dermatologist.

Skincare Tips: Get Rid Of Open Pores In A Jiffy With These Dermatologist Recommended Home Remedies

Tips for skincare: Open pores on face can be reduced by cleansing your face with non-soapy cleansers


  1. Open pores can be because of skin ageing
  2. People with oily skin are more prone to open pores
  3. Avoid using cosmetic products on your skin if you have open pores

Having open pores on face is not a medical issue. It occurs because of excess sebum production. Sebaceous glands are present in abundance in the pores on your back, face, chest and groin. These glands can be stimulated by hormonal changes and result in production of sebum. This is the reason why pores on your face, forehead and cheeks appear to be larger than other parts of the body. Open pores are more common in people with oily skin. In case your open pores are filled dead skin cells, bacteria, oil or your diet, they can make your skin look dull.

Skincare: Open pores causes and treatment

Open pores can become clogged and turn in to black heads and white heads in people who are prone to acne. As your skin ages, it produces less collagen and may have larger open pores.

"Open pores can also be termed as scars. They can be treated with laser skin resurfacing treatment, derma roller or microneedling," says dermatologist Dr Rahul Sharma. He adds that open pores are nothing but aftermath of acne.


Acne on skin can lead to open pores
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Other causes of open pores as follows:

  • Genetics
  • You may have open pores on face because it runs in your family
  • You have thick hair follicles
  • Skin ageing or reduction in production of collage in skin
  • Sun damage or excess exposure to the sun
  • Not using sunscreen or using sunscreen with low SPF can also lead to open pores on face
  • High levels of oil or sebum production
  • Open pores treatment and home remedies

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Open pores: Home remedies that won't fail

1. According to Dr Rahul, "Some medications can help in controlling production of sebum and reduce open pores."

2. For people who acne, they should use non-clogging products for effective skincare. 

3. "People with open pores on face should wash their face 3-4 times in a day," says Dr Rahul.


Wash your face regularly with non-soapy cleansers to prevent open pores
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4. Comedogenic products can cause open pores on face and they should be avoided. Non-clogging or non-comedogenic products are those which will not block your oil glands. When oil glands get clogged, they result in blackheads and white heads, informs Dr Rahul.

5. If you want to close open pores permanently and or reduce their appearance and size, you should avoid use of cosmetic products and skincare products with harmful chemicals. Even if you are using them, make sure that they are used for a short period of time. Do not wear foundation, concealers and blush-ons for too long. Rinse them off with non-soapy or non-foamy cleansers.

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6. Use sunscreen which is made for acne-prone skin and is non-comedogenic and non-clogging.

7. For treating open pores at home effectively, make sure you stay away from dust. Maintain good personal hygiene washing your face regularly and using non-foamy cleansers.

8. You can also opt for steaming on your face for open pores treatment at home. They make your open pores appear smaller and give your skin a fresh glow.

9. You can try clay and oatmeal face masks for reducing open pores on face naturally.

10. Exfoliate your skin with skincare products that contain retinoids, salicylic acid.

(Dr Rahul Sharma is Senior Consultant Dermatologist at Nayati Medicity, Mathura)

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