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Skin Care Tips: 5 Food Habits That Can Make Acne Worse

Skin care tips: Applying the best skin care products is not enough to keep acne at bay. A diet plays a major role when it comes to your skin health. Here are some diet mistakes which you should avoid for a healthy and glowing skin.

Skin Care Tips: 5 Food Habits That Can Make Acne Worse

Skin Care Tips: Add more vitamin C rich food to keep your skin healthy


  1. Cover your skin as much as possible before stepping out
  2. Always choose your skin care products according to your skin type
  3. Never step outside without applying sunscreen

A flawless glowing skin is a dream of every girl. You might be trying very hard to keep acne at bay. But sometimes even after following the right skin care routine and the best products, you can experience acne. Are you wondering the reason behind stubborn acne? Well, the food you are eating is the answer. Your diet plays a crucial role in maintaining your skin health. If your plate is loaded with unhealthy foods your skin is likely to suffer along with your weight. Therefore, you need to monitor your diet along with your skin care routine. If you are wondering where you are going wrong here are some dietary mistakes you should avoid to keep acne far away.

5 food habits that can cause acne

1. Too much sugar

Excess sugar consumption is harmful to your overall health including skin. It can contribute to frequent acne problems. You should avoid consumption of too much sugar as it can contribute to obesity and an increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and many more.


Skin Care Tips: Eating too much sugar can contribute to acne
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2. Not drinking enough water

Drinking enough water is the easiest way to maintain healthy skin. Adequate water intake can help you flush out toxins and give you a natural glow. It will help in clearing impurities. If you are not drinking enough water you are making a huge mistake which is worse for your skin and overall health.

3. Excess consumption of processed foods

Processed foods majorly contribute to obesity worldwide. But these foods are bad for your skin as well. They are usually high in refined carbs, sugar and other artificial ingredients. Skip processed foods and add more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet.

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4. Not eating healthy

A healthy and balanced diet is essential to maintain a healthy body weight as well as a healthy skin. A diet rich in fruits and vegetable will give all the essential nutrients your skin requires. Eliminate o much junk food as much as possible. You should also avoid eating too many spicy foods.


Skin Care Tips: Skip junk and add more veggies to your diet
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Best foods for a healthy skin

Some elements in your diet can work wonders for your skin. It can help you fight various skin problems naturally. Some of the best foods for skin are- nuts, green tea, citrus fruits, berries, fresh vegetables and yogurt.

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Along with these dietary changes, you must follow a proper skin care routine according to your skin type and protect your skin whenever you step out from the sun and dust.

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